Your Future and Fate Tomorrow is Just What You Decide Today

We humans tend to take a short-term view of things. Perhaps our limited lifespan on earth has something to do with that. Why plan for long-term if we may not live long enough to enjoy the outcome. This short-term mindset is the cause of most of the problems that we have today. The need for immediate gains and fast success leads to the majority of the global problems like environmental pollution and the mess we have today in the world’s economy. Everyone wants to reap material gains and they want it now. Let someone else worry about the consequences and the by-products. Humans are greedy and impatient by nature and so naturally won’t look too far ahead if the gains are close at hand. But greedy and impatient are also choices that we make. We decide to be greedy, impatient and plan only for short-term gains. We decide to take the path of least resistance, because it is easier. But it is our choice, our decision in the end – our own design.
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Get the Most Out of Your Conversation, Make it Meaningful

Cowsense ConversationI have just had a conversation with a colleague moments ago. Well, by literal definition of “conversation”, this one barely qualifies. It is not really meaningful conversation. I did most of the talking. The other guy barely has a chance to say much. In retrospect, I didn’t get much out of the conversation either, though it felt good at that time.

If you put a ratio for speaking versus listening for that conversation, I’d say it would be about 10:1, meaning that I am listening only 10% of the time. So, I am not having a conversation, I am giving a speech!

Have you ever had that kind of one way conversation? It usually happens when you’re particular excited, passionate or knowledgeable of the topic. Or it could be all of it – you’re excited, passionate AND knowledgeable.
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Count Our Blessing!

In life, we never fail to experience pain. As quoted from Buddha’s teaching, First Noble Truth says ‘Life is suffering (Dukkha)’. This includes birth is suffering, aging is suffering, illness is suffering, death is suffering; the first four sights Buddha encountered when he renounced the world.

To us, all the things that make us unhappy are pain. When we are in pain, we like to pointing finger onto others for troubling us. Why are they giving us some much problem in life? Why these people are making our life so miserable? The truth is when the imperfection comes into our life, they are actually the colors of a rainbow. Only seven colors will make up a rainbow and not less! Similarly in life, missing a patch of experience may not make us a complete happy human!

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Personal Development – Life by Design

Enjoying LifeYou can take control of your fate! I believe that life is by design. No, I am not talking about the great Creator who created the great cosmos, laws of the universe and us humans. I am talking about our individual life, about our choices and decisions as we live and about how the outcomes of our lives are because of our previous actions and less because of fate or some random luck. Granted that there may be an earthquake tomorrow and you may die or be injured, or maybe the stock market may just crash overnight and wipe you out, but many things that happen tomorrow are the result of what you did today, yesterday or sometime way before. Your decisions lead you to where you are now, whether you are successful, rich and powerful or a beggar by the street.

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