Creative Floral Arrangement – Part4 (Festive Style – Chinese New Year and Mid Autum Festival)

Beautiful DaisyWhen you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other Innocent ~ Chinese Proverb

In Part4 of Creative flower arrangement, the theme is focusing on season greetings or festival decorations specifically for Chinese New Year and Lantern/Moon Cake Festival or some folks called it Mid Autumn Festival.

Concept of Festive Style for Chinese New Year and Moon cake Festival

In seasonal arrangement, it is essential to gather some props in sync with the celebration theme. For Chinese New Year, red colored fan or good Chinese characters like ‘Fu’ (that means ‘Luck’) is usually employed. Red fire crackers, lucky bamboo or miniature lion dance head can also be used along. For Mid Autumn festival, it is usually associated with lanterns or legendary angels from moon. As long as the prop is in accordance with the culture/theme, it will adorn our floral arrangement.


Tips for this arrangement: Compose from front view. For Chinese celebration, the most commonly used flowers are Daisy, Gladiolus and Chrysanthemum. Highly priced flowers for the Chinese New Year also includes azalea, peony, and water lily or narcissus.

Floral Material:

1. Props/theme specific items e.g. Red-dyed Pussy Willow, Red Fan, ‘Fu’ character, Lantern, Bamboo Stick.
2. Primary Flower is yellow colored Chrysanthemum in ball-round shaped
3. Secondary Flower are also brown chrysanthemum pompon.
4. Leaves or foliages. Leather ferns and Gold-dust Dracaena are utilized here to cover the oasis.
5. Fillers: white peacock is used here to instill some brightness in the arrangement.
6. Container shape: oval longish in shape, about 30 cm in length. One cube of oasis is used.

From top left (going clockwise): Lanterns/Fan, Pussy willows, Yellow chysanthemum, Gold-dust Dracaena/Leather ferns.

Floral Material

Getting started:
1. With wet oasis placed in the center of the container, start with placing the bamboo pole. These bamboos are crossed and tied using thin wire before inserting into the oasis.

Container & oasis

2. Followed by inserting some leather ferns and Gold-dust Dracaena leaves to cover the oasis.

Bamboo and leather ferns

3. Up next is composing the primary flowers. The shape of this arrangement resembles an ‘S’ that flows from top right to bottom left observing from front view.

Bamboo, foliages and primary flowers

4. Then, insert a few stalks of pussy willows on the right hand side of the arrangement. In addition to that, an orange colored lantern is hanged on the bamboo to instill the Chinese Moon Cake festive atmosphere. Lastly, the white peacocks are inserted in-between to brighten the mood.

Floral Arrangement theme - Mid Autumn Festival

5. Besides for Moon Cake Festival, this floral arrangement can be re-tuned for Chinese New Year festival decoration as well. Red fan is always being associated with Chinese or Chinese New Year. In this reshuffle, a red fan is placed behind and the pussy willows are positioned on the right instead. Fan is tied to wire at the flipping end. The tied wire is inserted into oasis for it to withstand. Here you go another flower arrangement!

 Floral arrangement theme - Chinese New Year

6. While replacing the fan with a ‘Fu’ (this is placed by making a triangular stick on the oasis to support the Fu styrofoam from behind) and moving pussy willows to stand tall on right hand side, another lovely arrangement for Chinese New Year is composed like below.

Another design for Chinese New Year

Below are the showcase from our practical:



Chinese New Year floral basket designed by Shirley T

Chinese New Year theme by Shirley T


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