Creative Floral Arrangement – Part6 (Compose a Poodle)

Lovely Poodle
Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower
~ Albert Camus

There is no limit to human brain. In this lesson, Bro Yap was sharing a special design that he was going to do for the first time; to arrange flower that resembles a white poodle using huge blooming chrysanthemums. In floral design of animal resemblance, it involves plenty of imagination and definitely an awesome flower gifts especially for children.

Tips for this arrangement:
Compose from front view and top view.


Floral Material:
1. Props: Make a bow from red ribbon. Require a pair of eyes and nose, a pinch of blue tac to glue the plastic eyes and nose onto the petal of the chrysanthemum.
2. Primary Flower -White huge blooming chrysanthemum. White is chosen to make it look like the real poodle.
3. Secondary flower – Smaller bud of purple chrysanthemum.
4. Leaves or foliages – Leather ferns to cover the oasis.
5. Filler – Red berries
6. Container – a square rattan basket with a rectangle oasis.

Getting started:
1. Here, a recycle oasis is used. Firstly, insert the leather ferns surrounding the oasis to cover all the side view of the oasis.

Oasis and Leather ferns

2. From the white chrysanthemum, select the size of the petal  carefully to give a balance poodle body. Cut the main stem short and place 3 blooms in front to create poodle’s shaggy ears and face.

Poodle's thighs and body

3. Insert another 6 blooms of white chrysanthemum in pair (side by side) behind the face area to imitate poodle’s upper body and thighs.

Full body of a poodle

4. With a bow and long wire, insert the bow above 3 blooms of chrysanthemums to resemble tying a bow on the poodle’s neck.

Bow on poodle's neck

5. Then, stick poodle’s eyes using blue tac, followed by inserting the nose in the middle.

Poodle with eyes and nose

7. Insert some purple chrysanthemum and red berries surrounding the body of the poodle.
8. If you are able to get a round (like a ball) chrysanthemum, it can be placed behind to create the poodle’s tail. Here you go the little cute poodle!

Little cute poodle is here!

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