Dianji Temple @ Miaokow Food Street – Keelung Taiwan

Located in the heart of the well known Miaokow Night Market, Dianji Temple (奠濟宮) is the largest temple in Keelung. Some believe that the establishment of Dianji Temple plays a significant role in the prosperity of Miaokow (Miaokou). Back in the bygone days, sacred place served as the nucleus of where local folks flocked for celebrations and that was also where the business boomed.

Dianji Temple at Miaokou (Miaokow) Eating/Food Street in Keelung (Jilong) Taiwan
The largest Chinese temple at Keelung (Jilong)

A Taoist temple at Keelung, Taiwan
A Taoist temple

Dianji Temple enshrines a divine ancestor - The Sage King of Changchou
Dianji Temple enshrines a divine ancestor – The Sage King of Changchou

. An ancient temple of 120 years old, Dianji Temple was first built on Mu Mountain by Changchou immigrants from Fujian Province of southern China to enshrine the divine ancestor of their hometown – The Sage King of Changchou. In 1875, Lin Banyuan donated a piece a land in Keelung Downtown to establish Dianji Temple at the current location. Coupled with generous donation from Keelung’s residents, Dianji Temple was finally completed in 1923. However, it was severely damaged due to the bombing during WWII and thus reconstructed several times thereafter. The latest renovation took place in 1997, which was carried out to broaden the temple’s square.
Intricate carving in a Chinese temple
Intricate carving

Standing at the temple. looking out to Miaokow Food Street
From temple, looking out to Miaokow Night Market

Food stalls in the premise of Dianji Temple
Food stalls also occupied within the premise of Dianji Temple

If you visit Dianji Temple, it would be great to pay attention to their stone carvings. Interestingly, some of these carvings showcase creatures like crabs, shells and marine animals, correlating with the livelihood of their ancestors that relied heavily on the sea or ocean.  


Ren 3rd Road
Keelung City, Taiwan R.O.C.

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