Elephant Parade Singapore | First in Asia

First Elephant Parade in Asia

Learning never stops, I had just found out the Elephant Parade that I witnessed in Singapore end of last year was the first one in Asia. The elephant parade that I am referring to is neither the elephant parade lyrics nor the elephant parade tab. I am seriously talking about a herd over 100 elephants that occupied residence in neighborhoods and landmarks over the Lion City!

Tall Christmas tree outdoor and Elephant Parade
Christmas and Elephant Fever
Elephant Parade in Singapore Vivo City Mall
Looks holy!

Initiated for noble cause, the Elephant Parade is an open air exhibition of painted elephant sculptures to promote conservation awareness of Asian’s elephant. Run from November 2011 through January 2012 in Singapore, our Christmas vacation in the capital was a bonus when we joined the elephant aficionados, feasting the pretty jobs of the genius artists. When I visited my cousin during Chinese New Year, she told me that she had missed the elephant fever in Singapore. Without hesitant, I replied, “You can see them soon, the elephants are everywhere!”.  Then only I knew that the Elephant Parade was held not forever. Most of them had been moved, some had found a new owner and a new home!

Cute comics painted on elephant parade in Singapore
Once sinful, now bitter, future?

Elephant Parade at Vivo City Mall

From over a hundred elephants that swarmed this Asian’s metropolitan, more than a dozen of them were nested at Vivo City Mall’s sky park, adjacent to Food Republic Food Court at Level 3. Showcased in all kind of acrobatic stunts and colorful ‘skin’, the elephant parade took place in rain or shine.  Besides elephant fans, avid photographers were also around, armed with sophisticated gears and multiple lenses. For sure, they had crushed over these colorful elephants that then I thought only kids would fall in love with!

Three painted elephant parade in a row
Comic on elephant?

Colors made stripes on elephant parade in Singapore
Colors of stripes

. Painted to match the place they resided, two green elephants were spotted at Singapore Botanic Gardens near the Visitor’s Centre. If you visited H&M outlet at Orchard Road, I bet you won’t miss the black elephants with jagged white lines at 313, before heading to Somerset MRT platform. This piece was pretty elegant!

A wearing clothes elephant amongst Elephant Parade
This elephant wears clothes
Christmas icons painted on elephant sculpture displayed in Singapore
Christmas is in the air!

Four painted elephant parade at Vivo City Singapore 2011
Bold and beautiful, Zebra or Elephant?

If we knew that these elephants would be gone soon (for auction whereby the proceed goes to conservation project), we could be running all over the island to ‘capture’ as many elephants as we could. A lesson from the Elephant Parade, I am learning to appreciate what I have before time makes me appreciate what I had!

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