Ergo Baby Carrier Review | Sale/Buy in Penang/Malaysia?

One of the most beautiful memories in my motherhood journey is learning about babywearing. This term was an alien before the arrival of my little one but today, it is part of my souls.

Ergo (Camel) baby carrier with sucking pads
Ergo (Camel) baby carrier with sucking pads

Babywearing or in the lay person term is an act of holding/carrying baby using a carrier, be it a fabric, wrap, pouch or even soft structured carrier. Baby naturally loves to be held, so babywearing complements our tender loving care towards them. Babywearing is not something new, it has been practised for centuries (or longer perhaps). As the queen of the castle, mothers in the bygone days were designated to take care of children and households at the same time. As such, babywearing came handy for them to perform daily tasks. Back then, fabric was used, slinging over the shoulder, creating a pouch where little one could stay close to their momma.


Today, we have the luxurious of choice. Aside from the enormous benefits gained from babywearing, these carriers are readily available commercially.

I started with a wrap when my baby was about a month old. The wrap provides  the soft, bodily warmth and conducive environment to my tiny one. It was as if it is a womb out of my body. My son loved it. The challenge with wrap is putting it on is a hassle. It takes practice to master it. As my boy gains weight, we also found out the fabric seems to sag. Asides from these challenges, we were happy to get the wrap as it served us well when we needed it the most.

After my boy turned 6 month-old, we reviewed parental advice, sought opinions from babywearers and we found Ergo baby carrier is the best for us. Mother’s intuition seldom fools me and true enough, we are very happy with Ergo. It is light, comfortable, easy to put on and most important of all, it is ergonomics to both, the child and the wearer.

Ergo that is designed with wide padded waist and shoulder straps, obviously provides a comfortable and balanced hold. Only two buckles to snap which means anybody can babywear in less than a couple minutes and then enjoy two free hands. The front pocket is useful to keep valuable/baby stuff. We also love the hood attached, it comes handy to cover my boy from poking sunlight, noise, dust or air pollutants. It is a brilliant design ergonomically!

If you are Penang islanders and wish to seek for face-to-face tips, have a demo, interested to try before purchase, please email me at and share with me the color/design (refer to above images i.e. A,B,C,D,E, F) of your choice.

For non Penangites, you are also welcome to write in. I am more than happy to share my experience with you virtually and help as much as I can.

For baby that ages less than four months old, you are advised to have an ERGObaby Infant Insert in order to safely carry your baby in the Ergo baby carrier.




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