Floral Arrangement: How to place and use oasis or flower foam?

Soaking oasis and container“Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower” Smile ~ Anonymous

If you wish to recycle the flower container, buy a piece of fresh flower foam or oasis separately from florist. The oasis must be placed tightly in the container in order to hold the flowers well. Soak the oasis in a container by letting the water being absorbed naturally. Do press or introduce any pressure to wet the oasis.

Oasis on containerThen, measure the oasis size (height and width) against the container. Pressed down oasisAllow the oasis to be about 3 cm higher(refer to image on the right) than the edge of the container to ease the use. If the height desired is not possible, use a sharp blade to cut another piece of oasis and place it as the container’s base. Followed by the top piece, chop the oasis slightly larger than the container size.

Then, place the oasis on top of the container and press it down. This enables the oasis to be held tightly by the container and allow water retention as well.

The oasis is ready!.

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