Fuyou Temple | The Oldest Shrine in Danshui (Tamsui)

Once the busiest port in northern Taiwan, Danshui remains a place that presents a long history. In the heart of Danshui’s township lies a fascinating structure, the oldest place of worship – Fuyou Temple (福佑寺).

Front facade of Fuyou Temple at Danshui (Tamsui) Taiwan
Front facade

Door guardians of Chinese/Taoist Temple in Taiwan
Door guardians

Charming urn
Charming urn

Built in 1796 by the townsmen and sea fishermen in the early days of the town, Fuyou Temple is dedicated to Matsu – The goddess of the sea. Sitting by the river mouth, Danshui town is close to the wild yet resourceful sea. It serves as the bread and butter for the local folks and therefore, wives or the local families pray to Matsu for protection, safety and prosperity of their households. The townies also believe that Matsu had helped them to win the battle against the French in 1884.
Enshrined Matsu - the goddess of sea
Enshrined Matsu – the goddess of sea

Constructed with a profound endurance, the facade of Fuyou Temple is originally facing Guanyin Mountain (across Danshui River in Bali Township) whilst its rear is Cizailing. Indeed a prestigious spot for a sacred place. According to the traditional belief, the water in front is the mirror while the rear acts as a screen.

In about 200 meters away from the intersection of Gongming Street (old Street) and Zhongzheng Road heading west, Fuyou Temple sits by the road side with a prominent stone carving on its facade and a few pairs of jade dragons on the orange roof. The red bricks wall made up the extension on both ends with a pair of painted guardians on the doors. 

Beautiful stone carving at the exterior at Fuyou Temple, Danshui
Holding intact the history of Danshui in the early years

Meticulously preserved, the interior of Fuyou Temple is dim and incense clogged. Do not miss the embossed dragon octagonal columns in Sanchuan Hall that was finished in 1796, the representative of works from mid-Qing Dynasty. Admission is free.

No. 200, Zhongzheng Rd, Danshui Township, Taipei County

Direction: Lat=25.1702, Lon=121.4398

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