Get around Bandar Hilir Melaka – Trishaw, River Cruise (Boat Ride) and Red Double Decker Bus

There are a few good choices to tour around Bandar Hilir Melaka (Malacca). For young and fit people, walking around in Melaka town or Bandar Hilir will be the best choice to view the this historic city. At the same time, you can capture your favorite shots of various angles or poses at your  leisure. To get a good map, go to tourist information counter. An up-to-date Melaka map is available at RM3. However, for those folks who are prefer not to use too much of leg muscles or perhaps physically challenged, there are other alternatives to get around and seeing Melaka as well.
Beautifully decorated trishaw in Melaka
Flowers decorated trishaws or some called it rickshaws are available to ferry tourists around especially circling St Paul Hill along Jalan Kota, Jalan Istana and Jalan Merdeka (‘Jalan’ means road in Malay language). They also provide the ride over bridges to Chinatown, historical residence along Heeran Street, Jonker Street, Harmony Street and old commercial zone. The official rate as stated on below signboard is RM40 an hour.


Trishaw rental rate
A good practice is get the price first and bargain wisely before boarding. By the way, watch out for them in case you could have block their route, they will not spare their the irritating loud honk! To hop on one, go to Dutch Square right in front of Christ Church or Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall.
The trishaw displayed in Melaka museum
Can you see the body of the trishaw?
Trishaw ride along Jalan Kota
Melaka River Cruise Boat ride was officially started in June 2001 but gain more popularity recently after a thorough clean-up of Melaka River that gives Melaka River a new image. Ticket prices is RM5 for an adult and RM2 for children and operating hour is daily from 9 am to 12 midnight. This 45 minutes cruise can be boarded at Taman Rempah or next a remarkable windmill opposite Stadthuys. The boat ride along Melaka River will pass by many historic bridges for instance Chan Boon Seng Bridge built in 1908 connecting Kampung Pantai (Old Chinatown) to Jalan Bunga Raya (New Chinatown), Old Market Bridge, Hang Tuah Bridge and Kampung Morten Bridge. Housing well-preserved traditional Malay village houses of unique lifestyle made Kampung Morten (‘Kampung means village in Malay language) gains the popularity as Malaysia living heritage site and listed as one of the Melaka historic sites by UNESCO.
Melaka River cruise
Consider a bus tour if you wish to see more places in Melaka or what some folks said ‘All in One’ of Melaka tour. There are 2 types of tourist bus. One is the Red Double Decker bus that cost RM5 per person for a day fare while the other is Panaroma Melaka. Panaroma bus is a single deck charges RM 2 per person for a day fare. It will take a larger route and further up the outskirts up to Melaka Central. The advantage of taking these buses is you may get down at places of your interest and hop on the next bus to continue touring. Check out the detail bus route here. To catch these buses, wait at Renaissance Hotel or Orkid Hotel along Jalan Bendahara in New Chinatown.
Red double decker tourist bus
Happy touring!

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