Habanero Mexican Dining @ Queensbay Mall

If you’re longing for Tex-Mex in Penang, Habanero Mexican Dining might be the right place for you. Named after a variety of exceptionally hot chili originated from Amazon region, Habanero as its name suggests is an eatery made for food hunters that love natural spices notably from Latin America.

Habanero Mexican Dining at Queensbay Mall
Habanero Mexican Food

“There is a new Mexican restaurant in Queensbay Mall”, this was how I learned about Habanero. Self-service kind, similar to Subway, pick-to-go, that was additional information I heard. So the weekend after, we decided to walk in to sample a few of Habanero’s menu.


Sits next to the escalator right at the North Zone, Habanero is the first restaurant that opens to public from a flock of eateries at international street. You’re not likely to miss if you walk towards the end of North Zone on the third floor. Seoul Garden, Taiwan Bull, and the rest are still under renovation, and this corner is going to a global village, serving all kind of international fare. This was what we heard from Habanero’s boss who came by to chat with us.

Nacho chips and Salsa
Nacho chips and Salsa

A bowl of Chicken, Tomato Rice and Salsa
A bowl of Chicken, Tomato Rice and Salsa

What are stuff inside the bowl?
What are stuff inside the bowl?

I opted for Burrito, a wrap to go with Cilantro Lime Rice, Fish with ranch and chipotle sauce. While my SO went for a bowl, filled up with Tomato Rice, shredded Chicken, plenty of vegetables and he made it a meal with a serving of Nacho. And of course, we opted for salsa to dip the chips instead of cheese! The chips were crispy, however they were not as thin as the kind we love in Texas. I can’t sense the tang of their salsa. Somehow lack of tangy and savory tinges. It might be better if the dip has more of cilantro and lime.
Burrito at Habanero Mexican Dining
Burrito or Latino’s popiah

I like my Burrito because Cilantro Lime Rice was perfect to go with fish strips. Vegetables and sauces were great too. The tomato rice is of a slight different compares to Malaysian style, but it was flawless. Pricing falls in between RM11 to RM16 per person depending on whether you go for an ala- carte or a meal. Most of ingredients except fresh vegetables are imported thus you’re likely to get something as close as the country of origin.

Personally, this Mexican food brings back the memories of our days in Texas. We love the Tex-Mex at Chuy’s and Habanero is certainly a good substitute in Penang!
Habanero Mexican Food Penang
Where about?
3F-22D Queensbay Mall (North Zone, Level 3)
100 Persiaran Bayan Indah
11900 Bayan Lepas.


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