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In Penang, Wan Tan Mee is usually served dried in black soy sauce or in plain broth, topped with barbecued pork (char-siew), leafy vegetables (Yu Choy or cai-xin) and a couple of wontons either deep-fried or boiled. The original wonton originated from Hong Kong is a piece of wheat dough wrapped with some minced shrimps. The Penang wonton version somehow contains minced pork instead.
A platter of dried wonton noodles
Being in Austin is almost like a dream comes true if we could place a platter of dried version wonton noodles on our dining table. While shopping at MT Supermarket last weekend, we came across a packet of egg noodles which are the exact noodles used in Penang Wan Tan Mee. The appearance was precisely the same. The journey of dried Wonton Noodles is half begun! Then, what’s next? Barbecued pork – I did a baked version before, thus it will be a ‘cookie cutter’ process. And, we grabbed some Yu Choy along for fiber/vitamins.
One of the most important components of Wan Tan Mee itself is the wonton itself. Even though I do not fancy wonton that much, I wish to include in this attempt. Otherwise, it sounds ironic if I were to cook Wonton Noodles without any wonton!Laughing

Interested to make your own edition like me? Let’s get started!

Ingredients (for 2 servings)
2 coils Wonton noodles
12-16 slices barbecued Pork ~ recipe is available here
6 stalks Yu-Choy or cai-xin – chopped about an inch & blanched

Thin wonton noodles
Thin wonton noodles

To prepare wonton:
1/4 pound minced pork – added with minced jicama and salt & pepper to taste
6-8 pieces wonton skin

To prepare black sauce:
2 tsp sesame oil
2 tbsp sweet soy sauce
2 tbsp soy sauce
3 tbsp oyster flavored sauce
1 tsp corn starch and a little water – optional
1/2 cup water
2 shiitake mushroom – sliced
1 whisked egg – optional
salt, pepper, sugar to taste

1. Grab a saucepan, pour some water and bring them to boil.
2. Drop in wanton noodles. Use chopsticks to entangle the noodles and allow them to cook (as per instruction). Then, immerse the well-cooked noodles in cold water, entangle to allow each string binds with water. (According to my SO, this helps to make the noodles more supple!) Then, drain and rinse in hot water. Drain and place on the serving platter. Sprinkle some sesame oil to coat the noodles. Set aside.
3. Scoop a bit of flavored minced pork, place onto wanton skin. Fold them and drop into boiling water. Dish out once they are fully cooked.
4. Grab another saucepan or wok. Add sesame oil, sweet soy sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, water and shiitake mushroom. Bring them to boil and season with salt, white pepper and sugar to taste. If you like, pour in egg and simmer until egg albumin turns white.
5. Pour the hot black sauce onto the noodles. Garnish with Yu Choy, wontons and sliced barbecued pork.
6. Serve hot. Best eat while it is still hot!

Penang Wan Tan Mee
Penang Wan Tan Mee

Bon Appetit!

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