How to Get International Driving License in Malaysia?

Ever wonder of driving in the outback or country side during your overseas vacation? Driving holidays can be adventurous and fun as we are not bound to tight itinerary prepared by the tour agent that usually cramps everything in one go.
International Driving Permit
By our own, we can drive as much as we wish and stop as long as we want. And obviously obtaining a legal driving document will allow us to enjoy the holidays with peace of mind. So how could you get an international driving license? What is the process or procedure? What do you need to  prepare?


A booklet in many languages
If you are looking for a legal driving opportunity in overseas, you may check out at the nearest AAM (Autombile Association of Malaysia) office to assist you. No doubt some countries do recognise Malaysian driving license for social visit but in stricter places, it is wise to obtain a legal driving permit to avoid any misunderstanding with the local traffic patrol/police.

The International Driving Permit (IDP) is sort of a translated booklet of our driving eligibility that appear in various languages such as English, Chinese and Arabic so that it will help to be self-explanatory if you happen to be stopped on the road. It is only valid for one year duration and renewable thereafter as long as your Malaysian driving license is still valid.
Valid in enormous countries in the world
If you are thinking of getting one for yourself, get ready the following items/documents and the International Driving Permit will be ready to be collected on the same day.
1. MyKad as Malaysian ID.
2. Malaysian Driving License. Ensure the expiry date is more than one year on the application day.
3. Two passport size photographs.
4. Processing fee: Cash RM150 for AAM member and RM160 for non-member.

In Penang, you may contact the following AAM office to get your International Driving Permit.
116, Ground Floor,
Jalan Sungai Pinang,
10150 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: +60-4 282 0996
AAM Travel: +60-3 2163 5210

p.s. Thank you for dropping by. This article is merely a sharing about how a Malaysian can obtain an International Driving Permit. For folks who wish to know further about driving in Malaysia or overseas, I’d suggest you to contact the respective Road Transport Department, though it will be our wishes come true if we can appoint some authorities to answer to all our queries here Laughing

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