IE Organic Cafe @ D Piazza Mall Penang | Nasi Ulam – Fried Ramen

In line with going green, going for organic food is one of the ways to encourage natural and organic farming. Besides, less chance of building up notorious chemicals in our body thus a healthier body. In fact, there are many great benefits going for organic produce except the matter on dollars and cents!

New establishment at DPiazza, IE Organic Shop, Food Market, Cafe
Cafe at first floor

Speaking of cost, a decent lunch out in an average Penang restaurant easily sums up to RM10-15 per person. If your budget evolves around this figure, then IE Organic Cafe may come in as an option for you.
Bright, kids friendly and cozy restaurant
Bright, kids friendly and cozy

Established above an organic market & food center at D’Piazza Mall in Bayan Baru Penang, IE Organic Cafe somehow reminds me of a Korean cafe we used to visit in Austin. Operated in a similar manner – a combo of market and cafe under one roof, the former serves an organic menu while the latter offers an array of Korean dishes.
Playpen in Penang IE Organic Cafe
Little corner for little ones

. As the name suggests, they serve an organic-based and vegetarian dishes plus healthy cooking methods e.g. minimal oil and no charred stuff. A dynamic set lunch, usually consists of rice, soup, protein and vegetables fix is the favorite amongst the patrons.
Nasi Ulam set at IE Organic Cafe
Nasi Ulam

Aside from lunch set, IE Cafe also offers nasi lemak, nasi ulam, fried ramen, sandwiches, pastries and desserts.
Fried Ramen at IE Organic Cafe
Fried Ramen

For parents, this cafe provides some moments to dine in peace while your little one gets occupied with the toys and musical set at the playpen. Allocating a play area in a restaurant is a brilliant family concept, baby/kid friendly and I hope more restaurants will tune into this wave.

Getting there?
First Floor (upstairs)
IE Organic & Healthy Food Centre
1-19 & 3-19 D’Piazza Mall
No 90 Jalan Mahsuri
11950 Bayan Baru
Penang, Malaysia.
Phone: +60 4 6452079

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