Food Khun Thai Teluk Kumbar | Seafood By The Beach
Khun Thai Teluk Kumbar | Seafood By The Beach
Written by Shirley T   
Monday, 25 February 2013 00:00

Lou Sang or Prosperity Toss is one of the South East Asia Chinese big things. Believe to bring good luck, Yee Sang or Yusheng is a popular dish during Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) particularly in Malaysia or Singapore. And, we landed at Khun Thai Restaurant in Teluk Kumbar Penang for 'Siu Kang Jiu' or literally translated to 'The End of Work Feast' that took place prior to Chinese New Year celebration.
Yee Sang at Khun Thai
If you're familiar with Good Friend Seafood that sits behind the Yellow Bus building then, Khun Thai is further up on the road on the way to Gertak Sanggul fishing village. Or if you have been to Hai Boey Seafood in Teluk Kumbar, then Khun Thai Restaurant is sitting adjacent to it. Since Khun Thai and Hai Beoy Seafood Restaurants are off the main road, running close to beach front, the sandy strip here is more idyllic compares to the others nearby. And another plus is their parking bays are aplenty, besides it is free of charge and you'd be assisted by an in-house traffic warden during peak hours.


The aftermath mess of Lou Sang
What I didn't expect was the luxury of seafood! Shrimps, prawns, clams, squids, fish, all were in abundance, cooked in different variety of spices and presentations. Despite it was a sit-down round table dining, the foods were somehow being replenished, way more speedy than the rate of our consumption. It was even a challenge to sample all the selection served on the table.
Steamed fish of Thai style
Screw pine leaf wrapped grilled chicken
A heap of seafood to feast
Savory seafood cake - otak otak
Seafood treat at Khun Thai
Of more than 10 varieties, Yusheng or Yee Sang was the first dish we began with, that turned out to be a lovely appetizer. Then, seafood tom yum soup was served, followed by the never ending of dishes from Seafood Otak Otak, Steamed Fish, Petai with shrimps, Kerabu, Mixed Vegetables, Seafood nuggets, Pandan Chicken, Thai Omelet and a huge platter of Prosperity Seafood. Perhaps, it was more precise to say that I was sitting on a perpetual buffet row!
More and more Thai seafood
Khun Thai at Pasir Belanda Teluk Kumbar Penang
Getting there?
1052, Mukim 9, Pasir Belanda
Teluk Kumbar, 11920 Penang
Phone: +60 4 6251155
Business hours: 11 am through midnight.
GPS Coordinates: 5.282706,100.217955


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written by Intan Shafinaz , March 22, 2013

this restaurant halal or non halal???
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written by Shirley T , April 11, 2013

Hi Intan, I didn't notice if there is a halal certificate. It is a seafood restaurant though. Perhaps you can ring the restaurant to check out smilies/smiley.gif
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