Kuala Lumpur Jalan Ampang | Po Ling Chinese Temple

While I was strolling along Jalan Ampang in the bustling cosmopolitan of Kuala Lumpur, I passed by a relatively huge Chinese temple. Located almost next to Wisma MCA, Po Ling Temple is just a stone throw from KLCC Petronas TwinTowers.
Laughing Buddha right at the entrance to welcome you!
After sneaking in and paying respect, I found out it is a Mahayana Buddhist Temple. The Laughing Buddha (or Maitreya Bodhisattva) in sitting posture is placed right at its entrance with a smiling face to welcome you. As I walked in, the devotees were praying to Goddness of Mercy (Guan Yin).
The facade of temple. Anybody can translate this?
The exterior building looks relatively new and well-kept owing some restoration or renovation work. I believe Po Ling Temple must has been there for quite a long time ago otherwise there is a slim chance to occupy such a strategic spot in KL Golden Triangle – one of the highest demanded area. I was browsing to check out the history about this temple but there is not much information available.
. Spacious and well-kept compound
For the devotees, Po Ling Temple is regarded as a sacred place to pray for their wishes to be granted. Based on a true life account, two wishes came true for my sis’s friend.
Twin Towers as the backdrop
May you be blessed and hope your wishes will be granted too!

Wishing all beings be well and happy!

Getting there?

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