Langkawi Geopark (UNESCO) | Machinchang Cable Car Trail – Suspension Bridge

Langkawi Geopark

If you’re searching for an island with a combination of limestone, marble and sandstone, Langkawi Geopark is the destination to be! Surprise to many, the 550-million-year-old sandstone from Cambrian era that is the oldest rock formation in South East Asia is hidden on the peak of Machincang.

Langkawi Geopark - Machinchang Cable Car Trail
Breathtaking view is guaranteed!

Battling between myths and facts, an archipelago of 104 isles that made up Langkawi was believed to suffer over 7 generations of bad luck resulted from a curse by an innocent lady – Mahsuri. Seven generations had passed and today, Langkawi is prospering and rising as a popular holiday destination. Rich in geology and steep in history, the nature in Langkawi speaks for itself. The aftermath of the ‘curse’ retains the indigenous charm, making it the home to the lush greenery, virgin forest, enticing lake, unique caverns, stunning waterfalls and amazing mangrove. Aside from Pulau Dayang Bunting and Kilim Karst, Machinchang Cable Car Trail is the most visited Langkawi’s Geopark.

. Mt Machinchang – the highest peak of Langkawi after Mt Raya is a risen seabed over half a billion years ago, also the home to natural vegetation on the north-west of the island. As the name describes, the best means to explore the geological heritage of Machinchang Cable Car Trail is hopping on a cable car or Sky Cab.

Telaga Harbor aerial view from Mt Machinchang
Hanging from the sky!

Departing from base station at Oriental Village, Sky Cab is taking one to Sky Trail and Sky Bridge. Not only that, this geopark is also designed with a viewing deck at Middle Station (650 m from sea level) at which visitors may alight. I strongly encourage you do so. Ascending staircases leads you to a viewing platform to catch a glimpse of Langkawi Airport, Cenang Beach, Telaga Harbor and Burau Bay. The descending wooden bridge allows you to witness Sky Cab departing to Top Station and access to the opposite direction at which one may hop into the gondola to descend. The vertical distance between Middle Station and Top is only 50 meters thus, Middle Station offers a fantastic view of both Top Station and the suspension bridge.
Langkawi Cable Car - Base Station at Oriental Village
Langkawi Cable Car – Base Station at Oriental Village
The view of Langkawi cable car base station from a moving gondola
Moving away from base station
Far and further from base station

Langkawi Cable Car: Sky Cab, Sky Decks, Sky Bridge & Sky Trail

Reaching the Top Station gives a sense of accomplishment. To extract the best of nature, this station features two viewing decks if one takes the ascending staircases. Designed in circular, North viewing platform overlooks the northern and central region of Langkawi as far as Teluk Ewa cement factory. And certainly not to miss here is the stunning bird eye’s view of the Langkawi’s suspension bridge (Sky Bridge).

Sky Trail leading to Sky Bridge on Mt Machinchang
The beginning path of Sky Trail

Standing like a mirror image to the former, the South Viewing Deck is slightly different as it is the home to a telecommunication tower and a refreshment stall – that offers ‘luxury’ burgers, hotdog, ice-creams and drinks. Public toilets and Muslim’s prayer room are merely steps away.
North and South Viewing Deck at Top Station of Machinchang Cable Car Trail Langkawi
On North Deck looks to South Viewing Deck (with telecom tower)

Light stuff at 700m Top Station - pitta, burger to hotdog from RM3.50
South Deck – Pitta, burger to hotdog from RM3.50

To reach the Sky Trail, take a descending staircases as soon as you alight at Top Station. Guided path with railing, Sky Trail allows you to get up-close and personal with nature before taking you to the triangular entrance of the suspension bridge (a.k.a. Langkawi Sky Bridge). Merely 125 m long but once you have walked on this bridge and returned, you had conquered the world’s longest curve suspension bridge!
Absolutely breathtaking - scenic Langkawi
The best place for an absolute breathtaking Langkawi

Planning for your Langkawi Geopark tour is great if you’d not want to be disappointed. Even the local visitors are not aware that Langkawi Cable Car often operates maintainability work thus the cable car operation is temporarily shut down during this period. The maintenance closure may take a few days to a week in almost every month. Visit the cable car operator website – Panorama Langkawi at or ring them at +60 4 959 4225/1225 to find out the schedule. Take note of the unique Langkawi cable car’s operating hours and during the Ramadhan month, the last admission is at 5 pm.
Monday – Thursday      10:00 am – 07:00 pm
Wednesday      12:00 pm – 07:00 pm
Friday – Sunday, Public & School Holidays: 09:30 am – 07:00 pm
Ticketing price/rate:
Big Kid – RM 15 with MyKad, RM30 for non-MyKad.
Little Kid (2 to 12 yo) – RM10 with MyKid & RM20 for non-MyKid.


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