Lost World of Tambun – Petting Zoo, Needle Limestone, Tiger and Tin Valleys (Part 2)

Welcome back! As promised, this is the Part 2 of our pioneer mission in Lost World of Tambun. To follow from beginning, Read Lord of The Limestone Part 1 and how did we end up there :)

Lost World of Tambun entrance with limestone garden behind
Enter into The Lost World!

Did we find our way in the park? Well, not really! The signposts are placed minimal. Don’t you know you are in Lost World? The best way out is to get lost in the limestone gardens! Just to reach bathroom, I asked two people in two separate occasions.
Petting Zoo at Lost World Tambun, entrance with lush greenery
Kiddo’s land

Albino peacock in wild - Pavo cristatus mut. alba
Albino peacock

Armed with the artist impression map of Lost World, we made up our mind to tackle the dry parks first before jumping into water. Some people chose the opposite option and that perhaps better since the bathroom tends to be more crowded in the evening. On the second note, once you hit the pools with kids, I doubt they want to go anywhere else!
Blue and red bird or peacock
A blue bird?

Our first destination was Petting Zoo. As we entered, souvenir shop was on our left, but there was not arrow or sign on how visitors could start or best to explore this kiddo land. Apart from hugging a raccoon and shooing us out from a hidden corner, the zoo staff were neither helpful except a duo we met at the birdie sanctuary.
Raccon - racoon - Procyon lotor
Raccoon @ Procyon lotor

Next on the loop , we arrived at Swan Lake. A good spot to catch the breathtaking view of the Tambun’s The Needle with Swan Lake as foreground. Size wise, Swan Lake is not even a quarter of Taiping Lake, but one can enjoy paddling here too.
Needle of Tambun Ipoh Malaysia limestone tower erected sharp and thin like a pin from ground
A HUGE limestone pin from ground

Swab Lake with swan boat ride, paddling, boating
Let’s go paddling

A T-junction ahead made a branch, one leads to Tin Valley where the opposite is Tiger Valley and Kepura Cave. Aside from a couple big stripy cats roaming distance away, this area is pretty quiet.
Stripy cats, tigers far away in Tiger Valley Lost World
Can you see 2 stripy cats in the land far away?

Kepura Cave at Lost World Tambun, tiny cavern
Put all senses at work

Tin Mining Park is worth to bring kids especially for school age children. With pictures and writing presented on plates, hanging on every lamp post, this self-guided tour refreshed what I had learned about Perak’s tin mining history. Stone elephants parade perhaps get the tykes excited, with photography allowed. To get up on this ‘mammal’, take a designated ladder. Here is also the place to pull up your
sleeves, get dirty and  try out the traditional method of tin mining – washing and panning tin in river bed with a wooden tray (dulang)!
Tin Valley in Lost World Tambun, man and natural blend cavern
Story about limestone cavern

Mendulang - panning tin in river bed with a wooden tray (dulang) Ipoh Tin Valley
The tin you found is yours truly…

The further end that is also the cul-dec-sac is the Team Building Park. A tower of limestone – The Needle of Tambun takes the center stage. Outdoor rock climbing and abseiling clinic are conducted with small fee. The blend of limestone and water landscape is charming, perfect if there is no concrete houses across the lake.
Stone elephant parade in Lost World Tambun
Elephant Parade in Tambun

The Needle of Tambun - tall, lean, thin limestone for rockclimbing abseiling
Lean and leaning (sight from Team Building Park)…

A handful of amusement rides occupied the last section in our loop, adjacent to the food court. Merry-go-round,  stormy ride on pirate ship and giddy chair perhaps make the big kids hooked.  

Let’s stop for our lunch. Catch us cast away and lost on the bay in next episode – Lord of The Limestone (Part 3)!

Getting there?
No. 1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1,
Sunway City Ipoh, 31150 Ipoh,
Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia.
Phone: + 60 5 542 8888

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