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Fun with Nature! That is what stated on the brochure of Malaysia National Zoological Park or locally known as Zoo Negara. Housing an approximately 4000 animals on a land of 110 acres, Zoo Negara is located at Hulu Kelang, Selangor in Malaysia; only 12 km from Kuala Lumpur City Centre.
Main Entrance of Zoo Negara
Have you been there?

If we wish to educate our children on how some animals looks like or behave, no other places can offer the best lesson apart from a visit to zoo. No doubt National Geographic can provide similar message, a zoo visit definitely takes us through this experience differently as it is live! The animals are right in front of us physically, face to face! Needless to say, all of our senses are fully engaged (so please expect some unpleasant smell!) and of course memory is indeed deeper. Birds are chirping, tigers are roaring, zebras are running, kangaroo are jumping! Zoo ultimately provides a chance to witness some distinct characters of these animals that can be totally different from a photograph or what’s on TV show.


Zoo Map & Guide
Early this month on my trip to KL, I took my first visit (6 March 2009) to Zoo Negara. Armed with a point and shoot camera, we started our day at about 10 am. We got down at Wangsa Maju LRT Station and hop on a cab heading to Zoo Negara. The cost of the cab ride was RM4. By bus, get Metrobus No 16 from Central Market or Rapid KL No U34 from Wangsa Maju LRT Station.

Arriving at the main gate, we walked passed the parking zone and bought a day pass. For adult, it cost RM15 per person while a child of 3~12 years old or a senior citizen (60 years above) is RM6. Zoo Negara is open daily from 9am to 5pm on weekdays and extended to 10:30pm on weekends or Malaysian Public Holidays.

For animal lovers or avid photographers, a day spent at the zoo is absolutely worth while. The time table of feeding time is displayed at the entrance. If walking is a hassle especially for a family with elderly or young kids, get a tram ride. A separate fee is required for the zoo’s map (RM3) and the train or tram ride (RM3 for adult and RM2 for children) as they are not inclusive in the entrance fee.

We started our roaming from Tunku Abdul Rahman Lake side nearby Entrance A. There were a collection of storks flock to the ake. whacking! Whack! whack!

Guess we were lucky to catch the sight of the giraffes enjoying their lunch!
Lunch time for these giraffes!
Storks by  lake side
A friendly and energetic elephant, entertaining us and asking us for food!
The entertaining elephant
After going through the Bird House, we headed to Mammal Kingdom, followed by Savannah Walk. To our disappointment, there were only a couple of Zebras and very few antelopes. Sigh!
Sambar deer at Mammal Kingdom
The tiger is hugging a tree?
Sable Antelope at Savannah
Then, we visited Orang Utan or Ape Center – house man’s closest relatives. After completed the Amphibian World, we stopped for a simple lunch at the Wall’s Cafe.
A tortoise trying to tackle its partner!
Lunch here is just so-so!
We continued visiting the Bee Museum , Bear Farm, Children’s World and Aquarium.
Sun Bear is bathing
Aquarium at Zoo Negara
Finally we got seated for the Multi Animal at 3:30pm. Wish to know more about Multi Animal Show, stay tune as I am going to share more in my next installment! 
Gift Shop near Animal Show Amphitheatre
For further detail on Zoo Negara, please visit the official website here.
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