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I recently found out that Penang Immigration Department in George Town is equipped with a passport renewal kiosk. Only one machine available so far. Holding an abbreviation – KiPPas or stated in Malaysian Language as ‘Kios Pembaharuan Pasport’ (literally translated as Passport Renewal Kiosk), the kiosk stationed at Penang Immigration Department (George Town branch) operates from 7:30am until 3:45pm on working days.
Facade of George Town Branch along Beach Street
KiPPas offers an option for Malaysians to renew their passport and this service is eligible for Malaysian citizens of above 18 years old that fulfill the following requirement:
1. With the chip embedded Malaysia International Passport.
2. With Mykad identification.
3. Mykad photocopy on an A4 paper with front and behind images on same page.
4. Two (2) pieces of passport size photographs (this is rather strict, please follow the immigration guideline diligently e.g. showing both ear lobes, with dark clothes, blue background etc. The safest way is just taking the shot at Immigration Department!)
5. Cash – RM300 for 32 pages passport and RM600 for 64 pages passport. By the way, the kiosk only accepts RM50 or RM100 notes.
ImmigraImmigration Department of Penang at George Town
. From my finding with the immigration officer on-duty, the process or service at this kiosk is similar to what is happening at the 3 counters which starts from queuing up to take number, submitting form/Mykad/documents for verification and making payment. And all these steps happen in less than 10 minutes at the kiosk!
A designated room with kiosk
At present, if you opt for renewal at the kiosk, an officer will be guiding you on the process involved at the machine. After completing all the required steps and placing in your cash for payment, a receipt will be issued and you shall be getting your new passport after 2 hours as long as the payment is made before 3:30pm on same day.
Guideline as stated at KiPPas Kiosk
To learn more about the KiPPas or renewal kiosk system, please contact Malaysia Immigration Department or find out more at

Immigration Department of Malaysia
Kementerian Hal Ehwal Malaysia
Tingkat 1-7, Block 2G4, Precint 2
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaaan Persekutuan
62550 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan
Tel: +60-3-8880 1555, 8880 1156, 8880 1507

Disclaimer: The information stated here is merely for sharing purpose. Please refer to Immigration Department of Malaysia for any latest revision/updates.

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