Melamine Contamination and List of Not Affected Milk (Food) Products by MOH Malaysia

The recent melamine tainted milk crisis has definitely up the consumers fear about milk in particular and food from China in general. Most would be cautious about consuming melamine tainted milk and milk derivative food products. Definitely tales and misinformation would be floating around, like the recent scare of eating from plastic utensils which contain melamine.

I would encourage you to search around and armed yourself with accurate information about this issue. This would avoid unnecessary worries and headache.

I found Malaysiakini reported some great information about melamine contamination. It also said that consumers are advised to read the food label carefully prior to any food purchase in commercial market.

For Malaysians who are still in doubts about the milk or its related products that are contaminated by melamine, you may ring Food Safety and Quality Division,  Ministry of Health Malaysia via the following telephone numbers: +60-3-88 83 36 55, 88 83 35 03, 88 83 36 52 and 88 83 35 00. These lines can be reached during office hours from 8:00 am – 9:00 pm of local time including public holidays and on the coming Hari Raya festive holidays as mentioned in Malaysiakini.

For further information or latest update on milk products tainted with melamine issue, please access Food Safety and Quality Division website under Ministry of Health Malaysia. Alternatively, please visit WHO website to better understand about melamine contamination.

To obtain the updated list of milk products that are not affected by melamine contamination by Food Safety and Quality Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia, please click on the updated list via here.

To all Muslim readers, ‘Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri’.
To all Malaysians (residing in Malaysia), Happy Holidays!


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