My Floral Arrangement (L Shaped Style) Part 8 – Elegance

Beautiful flower is like love which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same
~ Helen Keller

When my mom-in-law learnt that I was attending a floral arrangement class, she showed me a beautiful porcelain flower bowl/vase and gave me to use for the lesson. It is indeed a nice long and flat vase with three little flowers. Having said that,  I did not have any chance to use during my floral lesson. After ‘graduation’, I discovered an ‘L’ shape arrangement and decided to give it a try on this gorgeous vase at least for once.

This design is dedicated to my mom-in-law. Thank you mummy for all your support and brilliant idea. It is always very pleasurable to share the stories of my passion with you!

Floral Material
Violet carnations as primary flower, pinkish chrysanthemum as secondary flower, yellow aster as filler and Leather ferns as foliage.
From top left (clockwise): Fern leaves, pinkish chrysanthemum, yellow aster  and violet carnation.
Floral material
Design concept
From the white classical vase, it sputtered the design for Elegance whereby its shape of an ‘L’, representing a Lady! Going hand in hand with lovely carnation, the flower for a woman! Elegance is a wonderful combination of color tone being violet is the perfect match for pink and thus brings out the pleasant contrast in this floral design. Simple yet sophisticated!
Sketch of an L floral design


Getting started
1. Chop the oasis to fit the shape for the unique flower bowl.
Front view - Lovely vase and oasis
2. Compose from front view.
3. Refer to the sketch diagram above. To begin, follow the number in ascending order. Insert the tallest vertical stalk of carnation to estimate the height of this composition.
4. Move on to insert the horizontal piece on the right, then insert the stalk on the left to get a balance shape of an ‘L’.
5. Place a the most blooming carnation close to the intersection of the L where the horizontal meets the vertical line (in the middle) as the focal flower and add one carnation of each side of focal point to equalize the composition.
Front view - With all the primary flowers
Top view - All the carnations in place
6. Continue with leather ferns. Insert them to cover the oasis.
Front view - Leather fern took place
7. Then, introduce the pink chrysanthemums to fill the lower half of this arrangement.
8. Add in some yellow aster as fillers.
9. Here it goes the floral design of Elegance!
Top view - Elegance from top
Front view - Elegance
Standing 'Elegance' like the name!

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