My love My Darling – Happy Anniversary!

Have you heard the wedding tune in the church when the bride’s father walked his daughter along the aisle, it will always start with… ten ten ten ten…ten ten ten ten..(and the music goes on and on..)Laughing

Same happens for us except our version is a bit shorter. We only have ‘ten ten’ which is equivalent to 10-10 or 1010. This is a special lucky number that marked our wedding date and today is our 4th wedding anniversary. My Significant Other has reminded me that I have a date with him tonight. Somehow, it is going to be a surprise as he refused to reveal where he is going to take me to although I did try very hard to dig out since last week (cheeky!!!Tongue out).

I have nothing to give HIM except my original myself and a lovely poem specially made for HIM.

             Thank you for walking into my life and made it OUR LIFE
             You are an ANGEL whom guide me along
             With LOVE and PATIENCE
             And your WARM hands in mine
             Our HEARTS held close
             To travel this path TOGETHER
             Today, Tomorrow and Forever!

I LOVE YOU My Dearest Darling! Happy AnniversaryInnocent
Walking our path together



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