Origin Herbal Hair Treatment in Penang

I stumbled upon Origin Herbal Hair Treatment in Penang while exploring options to cover up my grey hairs. Yeah, you read it right – I had started to accumulate a couple patches of grey hair. No thanks to the age that is catching up. Like it or not, age is always going incremental as time goes. No way to reverse although deep inside, I am forever young!

Origin Bee Choo Herbal Hair Care
Origin Bee Choo Herbal Hair Care

I did experiment with hair coloring at the saloon once a year to manage the grey hairs and pretending to appear trendy. After nodding to the hair stylist giving the green light, I always regretted that spoiling my hair with notorious chemical. Peroxide and ammonia were very strong and at times made me nauseous during the coloring. Aftermath can be terrible especially when my hair was wet. It was extra heavy as if every single strain on my crown was coated with layers of paint. Honestly I can’t wait for the color to fade so that I would stop getting lightheaded every time I wash my hair.

Hence, I was very excited when I read about how Origin Bee Choo hair treatment may help in my situation.

After reading some reviews, I rang up to make an appointment and walked into the outlet at Lip Sin Garden. I told them it was my first visit, so I was asked to sit in front of a laptop. After a few minutes, someone came and attended to me. She placed a probe onto my crown and scanned on a few spots. Actually, she was performing hair analysis.

Looks like my hair follicles are healthy as most are holding at least 2 or 3 hair lines, she commented. Using microscopic scalp analysis device, she also spotted reflective scales indicating a minor dandruff problem. Yeah, I am definitely not doubting. The fact is Origin Bee Choo is a herbal hair treatment outlet, the bottom line is to care for our crown. However, I am taking the advantage of the post treatment that would resulted in giving bright orange or red color to cover up my grey hair.

Curious to know the 10 simple steps that I went through?
1. Microscopic analysis was carried out about 5 minutes to check and review on my scalp and general health of my crown.
2. Ginger wine was applied on my hair as this helps our scalp to be stimulated resulting pores to open up during steaming. Once the pores open up, herbal ingredients from the paste can be absorbed into the scalp and at the same time allowing impurities to be removed.
3. Next, she was applying olive oil on the hair ends to protect and improve hair condition.
4. Here comes a bowl of herbal paste. I was told that it is a 100% natural, made of Chinese herbs hence it is safe to touch the scalp. She also asked if I had any allergies as the ingredients also have dong guai root. Since I didn’t, she went on to apply the herbal paste onto my scalp and hair ends. Basically, every single strain was drenched in that brown colored herbal paste. This took about 10-15 minutes.
5. Using plastic sheet, my crown was then wrapped and later secured with a headband.
6. Steaming – this process took 45 minutes. She warned me that I may experience a slight itch but nothing much to worry. In fact, I didn’t.
7. Waited about 10 minutes for the hair to cool down.
8. Washed off the paste with cold water. I love this process as she was not only washing my hair but also did pretty nice massage. Truly refreshing although it took around 15 minutes or more, and this was carried out on the reclining seat.
9. Blew dry and brush to style.
10. Applied hair tonic to strengthen the hair.

How much did I pay for it? RM 114 for the first visit and if I were to return in the next 30 days, I would be entitled for 50% discount. Though the outlet is a no-frills kind, I was impressed with their dedication to serve. Certainly a safer avenue to gain back one’s crowning glory. Bet I am going again!

2-G-16 Lengkok Nipah,
Taman Lip Sin
Sg Nibong, Penang
Phone: 04-646 1092
Tuesday to Sunday 10am through 7pm. Close on Mondays.

p.s. Apparently, there are a few outlets dotting the island and mainland i.e. Farlim, Mandalay Road, Raja Uda Butterworth, Bukit Minyak Bukit Mertajam.

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