Butterworth Vegetarian Restaurant | Aik Choong @ Raja Uda

Two Sunday ago, we decided to visit Butterworth Chinese Methodist Church that is located off Jalan Ong Yi How. We arrived about 10 am, just in time before Sunday school for kids were about to begin. Our little one headed up to the children’s hall, he had a good time, playing the role of David then, Saul and a soldier, while the adults were attending Hokkien Sunday class. Refreshing, this was my first opportunity listening to the words of God in my mother tongue!

Frog Leg Fried Rice - Vegan's version
Frog Leg Fried Rice – Vegan’s version

After fueling up our souls at Sunday service, we went along Jalan Raja Uda, looking for a hearty meal to warm up our tummy. Not up for hawker food, hence we landed at a decent vegetarian restaurant, Aik Choong. Some refer it as Aik Chong Vegetarian Restaurant though.

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Singaraja | The Lion King of North Bali

The Lion King of Bali – Top 5 Insider’s Secrets

Being a first time visitor to Bali, Singaraja town in north Bali was never in our family original plan. After all, most of Bali attractions are located in south (Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, Jimbaran, etc) and central such as Ubud, Kintamani.

For our family of daddy, mommy and a 5 year old boy, the thought of visiting Singaraja first stem from Lovina, a beach in north Bali famed for its dolphin watch. When we first read about Lovina and surrounding area, we came across a town called Singaraja. The name Singaraja can be broken down into two words – “Singa” (Lion) and “Raja” (King) when translated in Malay or Indonesian language.

Turned out to be this city of ‘Lion King’ was the former administrative capital during the Dutch era. Now Singaraja is the capital of Buleleng regency. Apparently, Buleleng is the largest regency with area of 1365km2, spanning from north west till central north coast of Bali. In terms of population, Buleleng regency come second after Denpasar city with 624,000 people (source: census 2010, Wikipedia). However, according to our driver Mr Agus who is a local Singaraja resident, current population (May 2015) in Buleleng regency is around 800,000 people.

Aplenty Of Fruits at Singaraja
Aplenty Of Fruits at Singaraja

Anyway, here are 5 facts about Singaraja which are not commonly known by outsiders:

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Shah Alam National Botanical Garden | What To Expect?

Malaysia Agriculture Park (Taman Pertanian Malaysia Shah Alam) or National Botanical Garden Shah Alam (Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam), these are that names that you may have came across when searching for attractions in Shah Alam. Both refers to the once upon a time famed as ‘Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam’ or sometimes goes by the name of ‘Bukit Cerakah Forest Reserve’. I am very much confused as much as you do, however let’s leave that out for now as I am very excited to walk you through our recent wilderness adventure in Klang Valley!

Tickets RM3 each
Tickets RM3 each

What to expect at Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam?

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Bukit Gasing Forest Park @ PJ | Hiking Trail Map

For city dwellers in Petaling Jaya or fondly known as PJ folks, Bukit Gasing or Gasing Hill is certainly no strangers to many especially hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers. Sitting near PJ Old Town, Bukit Gasing is a hidden gem in Seksyen 5 neighborhood off Jalan Gasing.

Bukit Gasing PJ entrance
Bukit Gasing PJ entrance

Even if you are not familiar with PJ neighborhood, don’t worry as technology is going to save you! Please turn on Google Map or Waze, one may search by the popular name as what it is addressed ‘Hutan Pendidikan Bukit Gasing’. I have yet to research why it is called ‘Gasing Hill Educational Forest’ and not Bukit Gasing Forest Park like what most folks refer it to. Alternatively, you may just compute these GPS coordinates: 3.095138, 101.656131, it will bring one right to the official entrance of Bukit Gasing where the humble wooden gateway greets. In fact, this spot is the T-junction of Jalan Telok and Jalan Tanjong 5/4.

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Bread Machine Recipe | Wholesome Granola (Muesli) Loaf

Healthy Muesli Loaf with Ezion Bread Maker

Many thanks to my readers. Honestly, I feel very encouraged to share my favorite recipe on how to bake a soft wholesome granola loaf. Granola is commonly known as muesli is a wholesome breakfast food composed of oats, nuts and dried fruits such as raisin and dried cranberries. I always prefer to prepare all-in-one food for my family, hence the successful experiment on my first granola loaf out of Ezion bread maker keeps me baking almost twice every week recently.

Soft Wholesome Sandwich Slices
Soft Wholesome Sandwich Slices

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Home Baker Secrets | How To Make Soft and Tender Loaf That Last?

Like most home bakers, I was always wondering on how to produce a soft loaf from bread machine like what I used to enjoy from commercial shelves but minus the foreign chemicals. My yoga instructor did share the secrets of how to make soft bread using gelatinized dough method. Or some bakers called it ‘scalded dough’ method. This required me to experiment with a long list of ingredients coupled with not-so-easy to remember procedure that in the end would produce a dough. I was told to freeze the gelatinized dough and pinch a bit every time I need to bake. Phew! Sounds far away from my kitchen practice, so I give in.

Sandwich Loaf
Sandwich Loaf

If you have been following me on my cooking or baking, you would have known my true color – I love to experiment. Guess what I did recently? As when I was toying with FastBake menu on my Ezion bread machine, I observed that doubling up the butter content seems to produce a softer bread texture. Bingo! This encounter was confirmed when a baker friend of mine shared similarly on this result.

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Bukit Jambul Hiking Trail | Penang Bridges Summit Observatory

If you have not been visiting Bukit Jambul Hill hiking trail for quite some time, it is time to take a peek now. I was once obsessed with hiking. I used to hike pretty often. Hiking almost every alternate evening and made it compulsory every weekend, to explore and get lost in the woods. This was what I called fun, rejuvenating moment in opposed to what my mom referred as insane.New welcoming stone - Bukit Jambul Hiking TrailPartners in crime

Direction to Hill Top
Direction to Hill Top
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Big Bad Wolf Books Sale @ Penang Times Square | Best Bargain

Have you made a date with Big Bad Wolf? He is back again in town!

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Penang Times Square
Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Penang Times Square

2015 marks the third year in a row that BookXcess.com is trusting Penang folks to support the physical reading culture. Despite the young generation is perceived to be more inclined to gadgets or better influenced by smart phone or tablets culture, books are still people’s favorite!

Operating from 13-23 March 2015  (10 am through 10 pm) at Penang Times Square in George Town, The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is the most happening book feast in town now! Coincidentally, Popular Book Store is also offering RM5 English book clearance at Midlands One Stop Pulau Tikus from 11- 22 March 2015.
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2F+ Coffee by Yellow House @ Relau Penang (Golden Triangle)

If you’re a coffee lover who is constantly searching for the best place to chill out with a cup of refreshing aromatic coffee in Penang, then 2F+ Coffee by Yellow House at Relau neighborhood is the next stop to look forward to. From the fine selection of Espresso to Mocha, Latte or Cappucino to Americano, 2F+ Cafe also highlights coffee by brewing methods such as (syphon) siphon coffee, hand drip coffee and French press over a range of coffee beans. Well, you might say this is too much of coffee geek, however nobody is ever too old to learn something new.

Coffee Devil's - espresso, steamed milk and Bailey
Coffee Devil’s – espresso, steamed milk and Bailey

In the light of learning, I personally encounter a wall of wisdom after sitting down. Wise saying or beautiful quotes, we may have seen this before but staring at them in a warm, cozy restaurant truly get me to digest, allowing the wisdom of words to reach my heart and my mind. I found some messages that resonate with me (and I am not going to tell you!). Indeed, it makes one grow stronger and wiser!

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Sweet Temptation Dessert Place @ Lip Sin Penang

Sweet-i Temptations Dessert Selection (Tong Sui)

Chinese is the ethnic that best known to eat all the time. Be it early in the morning before the sun takes a peek or late evening when moonlight takes the center stage, Chinese folks would greet you “Have you taken your meal?”

Exactly, food resonates with Penang Chinese folks.

Decent Dessert Place
Decent Dessert Place

If you are looking for Chinese dessert in Penang, Sweet-i Temptation in Lip Sin Garden off Jalan Sungai Dua is the place to be. From fu chook yi mai (Gingko Nut Barley White Fungus Fu-Zhu Soup), Black Glutinous Rice, Bubur Cha Cha, Black Sesame soup, Green bean with brown sugar in coconut milk, Groundnut cream, Kelp red bean, Pumpkin Sago Glutinous Rice in Coconut Milk to more than a dozen selection, this eatery is popular among the locals.
Gingko Barley Fungus Soup
Gingko Barley Fungus Soup

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