Wrist Tendonitis

'Mous-ing' activityWrist tendonitis (or Tenosynovitis) literally means inflammation of tendon at wrist joint. When functioning under normal circumstances, the tendon glides easily and smoothly when muscle contracts. However, when tendon is overuse, it needs to be accustomed to the new demand and if not able to make, it will inflame. Age could also be another reason which may be due to the blood vessel that supply nutrient to the tendon is being deprived.

A significant percentage of wrist tendonitis is due to anatomical reason, whereby the tendon does not have a smooth path to glide. This is common among people whose work is desk bound and heavily dependence on PC. Over time, the wrist becomes stiff and painful to move. It may be swollen as well without proper care.

Hey buddy…if you are reading this article, I may have less to worry. Even if you do not fall under bench work category, then consider reading for your loved ones. I hope it will be entertaining of looking at it from another perspective!

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It Happens For A Reason

Most of times, we easily irate over little things that happen in our daily life. So much so, we blame this little thing for the delay in achieving our goal. Or, perhaps getting upset unnecessarily over it.

Below article is a forwarded email that gives me more that a little thought. Reflecting on it makes me being more appreciative of our life, and definitely has enriched my spiritual collections. Every little thing happens for a reason…

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Scenic Waterland – Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan China

Peacock Lake JiuzhaigouA trip that brings me to visit a world-class nature wonder listed under UNESCO’s ‘World Natural Heritage’; Jiuzhaigou and UNESCO’s ‘World Heritage Site’; Mt Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha. Sichuan County of China surprisingly offers more than what I can imagine. My heart was captivated!

I have always thought of visiting China someday, something about the country intrigues me and beckons me there. However my command of Mandarin, or rather lack of it have kept my intention at bay. In autumn 2005, I had decided to face up to the challenges and signed up for a tour in China with my better half. China is a huge country, where should we go? Thanks to the internet, we did some search and Jiuzhaigou seems the ideal place for us to start. Being a nature lover, this serene place captures our hearts with its breathtaking vistas. The season is autumn, perfect time to visit Jiuzhaiguo.

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Perhentian Island of Malaysia

Long Beach - White Soft and Sandy

A relaxing holiday by the beach is always the thing to unwind, forget the stress of modern living and enjoy the simple life. Pulau Perhentian in the country of Malaysia has all the charms of a small village beach front, perfect for the weekend getaway

20th March 2008 THE JOURNEY BEGINS…

In the unholy hours of the morning, we descended to the runway. Our flight stood motionless on the tarmac, a lone silhouette against the dawn sky – it’s lone form as if a silent invite to the promises of the journey ahead. (Firefly is a small propeller plane)

The twin propeller roared to life, its chugging sounds seems intent on drowning our voices. Flight 3000 charged down the runway. It was a short run and then, lift-off. We are in the air.
The first light of the sun peeked through the fileds of clouds. Colors of crimson and yellow flooded across the uneven folds of the cotton-like clouds cover. It was a field of gold – magnificent. In the distance we can see the peaks of the Titiwangsa Mountain range, it’s tallest points peeking out of the cloud cover, as if attempting to catch the first rays of dawn, and to herald the coming of a new day. The promise of a good trip.

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A Spectacle of the Power of Nature – Australia’s Great Ocean Road

Cape PattonI have always been very much interested in the Land Down Under, but unfortunately have no real chance to visit. So when I was asked if I would go for an assignment to the country, I practically jumped at the opportunity. I was to be stationed in Melbourne for 6 weeks and in that period, I managed to make a few road trips around the state of Victoria.

In this article is an account of my drive to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. This 400 kilometers road was build after the World War One (between 1919-1932), partly to provide employment to the service men returning home. Running mostly next to the Southern Ocean, it provides breathtaking views of the coastline carved out by the relentless waves hundreds of years in the making. Over a hundred ships had sunk in these areas in the past. The locals called this coastline ‘Shipwreck Coast’.

I was woken up in the wee hours of the morning (about 5am) by a sudden burst of some loud rock band over the clock-radio, whose name I do not know but did the job (waking me up) nonetheless. After a quick breakfast and a quick check of the map of our intended route and planned stops, we started the journey.

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Penang Gertak Sanggul Farmer’s Trail

Entrance into Farmer's Trail at Gertak SanggulPenang island in Malaysia has plenty of hiking trails, from the most challenging to one which is considered an easy walk. Since Penang is relatively a small island, the risk of getting dangerously lost is rather low. Hence, hiking has become one of the popular activities here.

Thaipusam is observed as public holiday for Penangites and being so lucky to be off, we decided to organize a hiking trip among our friends. As I was calling the ‘usual’ hiking friends, the response seemed pathetic. We have been loosing quorum since some time ago due to relocation and travelling activities among the common ‘kaki’. Finally, we only had 4 confirmed to go on the list for a Gertak Sanggul to Pasir Panjang walk. However, a couple of days before the walk, MK managed to pull a crowd of 16 folks (8 gals and 8 guys, what a lucky number!) to join and the adventure begins.

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Our Baby is born!

It has been some time ago since my significant other mentioned that he wanted to start a website. Due to our hectic work schedule (an excuse I guess!), we didn’t put in any effort all. All we did was keep talking about it, what to write, what content to put in, what we love to do, what to share, so on and forth but nothing get started. It remains as a dream until today, we finally took an action and our baby: MyWiseWife is alive! Cool

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Cruising Along Magnificient Yang Tze

Wu GorgeYangtze river or more commonly known as Chang Jiang (literally means Long River) among the Chinese community is the longest river in Asia and ranked as the third longest river in the world after Nile and Amazon. Of about 6300 km long, it begins from the mountainous source in Qinghai Province flowing eastwards into East China Sea at Shanghai. As this river divides China into two hemispheres, it is the cradle of Chinese civilization and significantly contributes to cultural origin, transportation system and agriculture. Millions of folks live along Yangtze river benefit from its faithful flow. With several established irrigation systems along this river, crops can be harvested throughout the year. Yet, there are also millions of homes destroyed by the rise of water level during the rainy season in July and August. During the severe times, this disaster had killed several thousands people.

Despite the above facts, Yangtze still welcomes folks from all walks of lives especially in spring and autumn. It offers the magnificent journey to discover the life, heritage and natural beauty of its own. Seeing is believing! Cruising along Yangtze is the best approach to uncover the mysteries and folklore along the river banks of world’s greatest passages via the major cities of Wuhan, Yichang, Badong, Wanxian and Chongqing.

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