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Today, I am going to share something different. A hobby that I never mention on this website. I love paper crafts since I was very young. But I usually have plenty of excuses for not putting in good effort to thrive. Now on, I hope you would see more of paper crafts from me.

Chinese New Year is drawing near. Folks that celebrate Chinese New Year are obviously busy getting ready. Spring cleaning, decorating, baking cookies and shopping for Chinese New Year goodies!
Woven basket - Pretty on the chest
And February is the month of love in the air! This year, St Valentine’s Day falls on the same date with first day of Chinese New Year or Spring Festival. Ever thought of how to make these occasions more meaningful? And combining both themes in one?

I am thinking of decorating my house with love and hearts that connote Valentine. In addition, blending in the auspicious color of red, putting the ‘angpow’ (red packets) in good use. This creation would be perfect for double celebrations! It is simple. If you have a bit of weaving theory, you would get it pretty fast. And with a few
practice, you might get hooked doing it!
Step 1
Cut 2 pieces of papers based on the following image or shape, preferably from different colors or prints e.g. pink and white or pink and Chinese New Year red packet. Both pieces have to be symmetrical and same size.
Step 1 - Prepare papers in this shape
Draw 2 lines on each piece like shown in above picture. Cut along this line to make the strips. Do not over or under cut. A simple rule of thumb I use is as below.
Rule of thumb
Fold these papers into half and then, insert one into another. The strip line (black) drawn have to touch on or a few mm over the red line (nearer to the curve).

Cut along the drawn lines for both pieces of papers. And confirm again before start weaving. In the below example, the width of white paper must be sitting within the cut of pink. Am I going to fast?Smile
The strip cut must allow the width of another paper

Step 2

a. With the papers folded, insert the first white strip (far left) in-between pink strip (far right). Lift this white strip and allow the pink strip (middle pink) to go in-between it.
b. Next, weave the second white strip (middle white) to allow pink strip going in-between. Then, pull out this white strip to go in-between the pink strip (middle pink).
Step 2
The picture shows the above step 2a & 2b.

Step 3
Now, slide in the white paper. Insert the far left white strip to go in-between the far left pink strip. The middle white strip shall allow the far left pink strip to go in-between it.
Step 3

Step 4

Slide in the last white strip (far right) between the far right pink strip.
Step 4a

Then, allow the middle white strip to go in-between this white strip.
Step 4b

Lastly, slide in this white strip in-between the far left pink strip.
Step 4c

Step 5

Congratulations! You have made your first paper woven basket.
A lovely paper woven basket
It can be used to serve candy or cookies
Different width can be applied to create different motive on the woven basket. For my Chinese New Year-Valentine basket, I use angpow as one of my papers and the middle strip is pretty tiny so that I would not loose out the meaningful Chinse characters that says ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’.
Paper woven basket - Chinese New Year cum Valentine's
Got to run…I am going to prepare more CNY-Valentine woven baskets!

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