Penang Armenian Street Edelweiss Cafe – Swiss and Western Cuisine

If you are anxious to learn about Peranakan family, their houses and lifestyle or longing to see Baba and Nyonya’s collection, Edelweiss Cafe obviously provides you a great start. Edelweiss – a white flower found on Alpine hills is an unofficial Switzerland national flower and also the name of a show tune (song) in The Sound of Music. So I believe the owner of this cafe could have an intense inclination towards the song or perhaps some strong connection/relationship with Swiss. And one of them was confirmed true after we chatted with a friendly waitress.

Located at Armenian Street, Edelweiss Cafe is called a little oasis away from bustling city of George Town where it is a safe street to explore on foot. A walk along Armenian Street is relaxing and truly a walk down the memory lane with so many clan (kongsi) houses situated nearby. One of the famous clan houses, Khoo Kongsi is just a stone throw away. In fact, its side entrance is just right in front of Edelweiss cafe! While Yap Kongsi is just along same street on the next junction.

In the middle stretch of a colonial building, the address of 38 is well positioned at its simple looking facade. As we walked into Edelweiss Cafe, I felt like going back to my root whereby the wooden chairs and marble tables are resembling the sets of my late grandparents had at home. On the right wall, there is a tall classic functioning tower clock with Roman numbers. Produced in 1920, originally this Tower Clock Movement  ‘Strobl’ was placed in Germany and later was purchased by Edelweiss in 2003. Then, it was restored and adjusted to to ring only once every hour instead of every 15 minutes to minimize the noise. 
Tower movement clock with copper and gold plated hands
Right above before air-well section


Bar counter is on the left and several choices of beer/liquor/cocktails are ready to be served. Behind this counter, the next section of this cafe is the air-well area whereby natural sunlight can penetrate and reach the floor. A couple of tables are placed here at this green corner.  
Ice cooler as decoration on bar counter
An antic dressing table is put in good use
Dining area at air-well
The plaque above lion head reads Sin Kang associated with ancestral village of Khoo family
Offering mostly western food and some local cuisine, Edelweiss is specialized in Swiss culinary. Initially, we were just hoping to get some drinks to quench our thirst in the hot afternoon, but surprisingly they offer a good package of set lunch at reasonable price that we couldn’t resist to try.

The set lunch comes with appetizer (either soup or salad), a main course ranging from Chicken Jumbo, Dori Fish or Chicken Chop, ice-cream as dessert and ice lemon tea.
From top left (clock-wise) - Green pea soup, Fresh salad, Mango ice-cream, Ice lemon tea
Jumbo Chicken. Opsh, sorry, I am half-way through my meal!
Almost finishing the meal and remember, I have yet to shoot Chicken Chop
We enjoyed ourselves studying all the ‘treasures’ and antic collections. Needless to say, I am impressed with the cleaniness and elegance arrangement of the ‘happy’ rooms or toilets/loos. And a few corners to choose from!
Uniquely designed
A mini museum cum cafe that I will visit again and again!
Cooking tools, Classical ice blenders, Giant-sized tiffin carriers
Edelweiss Cafe
No 38, Armenian Street,
10200 Geroge Town, Penang,
Tel: +60-4-261 8935, +60-12-485 6908
Business hours:
Tuesday to Friday 11:00 am – 3:00 pm and 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Monday is closed
Recommendation: 3.8/5
Location: Courtesy by Google Map, please click and zoom in for detail: Edelweiss Cafe

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