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Penang New Lane | Goh Chew Deep Fried Fish Beehoon Mee
Written by Shirley T   
Saturday, 04 September 2010 00:00
Serving only 'fried fish beehoon mee' or better elaborated as stir-fried rice vermicelli/yellow noodles with deep fried fish, Goh Chew Coffee Shop is a popular venue for breakfast in George Town, Penang. Occupied tables with people is a common scene as one walks into the coffee shop especially on weekends and public holidays.
The facade of Goh Chew Coffee Shop at New Lane, George Town, Penang
Located less than 50 m from Sunway Hotel, Goh Chew Coffee Shop sits along the famous New Lane (Lorong Baru) food street that attracts foodies from outstation or local to flock as darkness crawls in. Little that I know during the day until our fried brought us there after a morning hike.
Plain 'char beehoon mee' cost RM1
Growing up with economy 'char beehoon mee' (stir-fried rice vermicelli and yellow noodles), this savory dish is not something new. The rice vermicelli and noodles are prepared by stir-frying with vegetables and sauces such as light soy sauce and black sauce. Yet, it is an innovativation to add on with crispy fish. The fish are prepared by cutting into mouth-bite pieces and dipping in batter before deep frying. Instead of serving solely carbohydrate, one can also enjoy with protein namely fish and plenty of fiber from the vegetables such as cabbage and yu choy.
A platter costs RM4
Most customers would either pick a platter of stir-fried rice vermicelli (beehoon) with yellow noodles (mee) to be served separately with a platter of deep fried fish. Alternatively, one can opt for a platter of all-in-one, a mixed of stir-fried rice vermicelli/noodles and fish. They also take the special order for instance stir-fried beehoon mee alone without fish or stir-fried beehoon mee with more vegetables.
Special order with more vegetables
Despite the long list of order, the service is prompt. We prefer the special order as they were served with more sauce. Guess Goh Chew will be added on our list to hang out for breakfast!

New Lane,
George Town, Penang

Coordinates: 5.4149°N 100.3266°E
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written by kae vin , September 04, 2010

your post started to become local! smilies/cheesy.gif My favourite is Singapore Bee Hoon! smilies/cheesy.gif
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