Travelogue Penang Times Square | Urban Village for Shopping, Food and Entertainment
Penang Times Square | Urban Village for Shopping, Food and Entertainment
Written by Shirley T   
Friday, 12 June 2009 06:10

Ranked as the latest shopping mall in Penang, Times Square or Birch House in specific at Dato Kramat Road is now officially open to public. Located just a stone throw away from the Penang tallest skyscraper KOMTAR, Times Square is a project managed by Ivory Properties Group. Times Square project encompassed about 5.2-hectare of land and is erected on the ground of formerly The Escoy Smelting Company. With landscape design of classical and contemporary themes, Penang Times Square is envisioned to be the most glamorous place in town!
The latest shopping mall - Birch House
This multi-millions (or reaching billions) dollar project are developed over 4 stages and upon completion, Penang Times Square will be the home for both commercials and residences featuring shopping mall, heritage center, a tin smelting museum, retail outlets, condominiums, service residences, hotels, commercial complex and an urban square.


Aerial view - overlooking Penang HillIf you drive along Dato Kramat Road, as you can see the shopping mall is completed and the multi -torey car park is currently operating for free. What I like most when I paid a visit for the first time is the LED counting of the parking lot available is displayed by the road side and right before you enter into the car park ramp. Providing this valuable information in advanced is great as visitors have an option whether to drive into the designated car park or just looking for other alternatives in the event whereby the car park lots are fully occupied. An innovation that all the shopping malls shall start adopting for better customer experience! Parking lot counter - a plus point!
Giant Snake and Ladder Game at urban square
As we arrived at the car park, I hurried up to check out the view from 4th floor. At one end, I could see the hill side view while the opposite end is towards north, overlooking Penang iconic building KOMTAR.
Icon of Penang - KOMTAR
During my visit on last weekend, retail outlets are rather scare as I could easily finish counting by a pair of hands. I guess the economic depression at present stage has added salts to the wound! Bad timing and too risky to invest when buying power is low. Not a surprise after all.
Open air urban square - stage and synchronized fountain
Restaurant or food outlet owners somehow are courages to be among the pioneers to explore the opportunities and experiment on demand. Marry Brown, Roti Bakar, Swensen, Old Town White Coffee, White House and Haven Delights are among the choices you can have here.

Try out the restaurant at Penang Times Square and share with us here.

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written by mariani , November 08, 2013

I've been to Penang with my husband for a few days and we've visited most of the Georgetown attractions; stayed at Tunes Hotel. Great food! I love it and someday, I want to go there again!
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written by Shirley T , November 09, 2013

Hi Mariani, Great to hear that you'd a good time in Penang smilies/smiley.gif
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