Que Huong Toi Restaurant @ Jalan Jelutong | Must Try Vietnamese in Penang!

Sits in the neighborhood of Taman Lita at Jelutong as most folks mentioned, Que Huong Toi Vietnamese Restaurant is a must try eatery in Penang if you’re a big fan of Vietnamese food. Seriously! This restaurant was formerly a stall, operating at a coffee shop nearby. Thriving business urged the owner to look for a dedicated venue, hence Que Huong Toi Vietnamese Restaurant was born.

Vietnamese Black Coffee
Vietnamese Black Coffee

Truly Vietnamese, from the ingredients, owners, foods (needless to repeat!) to the majority of the diners or clients. Indeed, to my surprise, Que Huong Toi is like the favorite hang-out spot for the Vietnamese folks that live in Penang. And guess we were really their guests!
Sinh To - Vietnamese Ice Blended Strawberry Juice
Sinh To – Vietnamese Ice Blended Strawberry Juice


I found out about this little gem when I saw a friend shared in Facebook on their sumptuous food hence we walked in on a Sunday afternoon. Parking is obviously a challenge, one can find more spaces either opposite the bustling Jalan Jelutong or search for parking spots on the lane before the T-junction. We drove into Lorong Sungai Pinang and lucky enough to spot a vacant perfectly fit for a compact car.

The facade of Que Huong Toi Vietnamese Restaurant
The facade of Que Huong Toi

We finally stepped into Que Huong Toi restaurant after sliding its glass door at the facade of a rustic wooden house. Made up to the list in our first experiment were the famous Vietnamese Black Coffee, Sinh To – Vietnamese Ice Blended Strawberry Juice, Bun Bo Hue a.k.a. Vietnamese Spicy Pork Leg Beef Noodle Soup, Hu Tieu a.k.a. Vietnamese Pork Noodle Soup and a platter of Vietnamese Spring Rolls to conclude our lunch. Customarily, these noodles or the mains are served separately with a basket of fresh basil leaves, bean sprout and lime wedges and they do not differ.
Hu Tieu
Hu Tieu

Bun Bo Hue - Spicy Vietnamese Noodles
Bun Bo Hue – Spicy Vietnamese Noodles

Beside the delicious Vietnamese food, Que Huong Toi also offers Vietnamese dried ingredients such as noodles and sauces for you to stock up at home kitchen. Food is great, ambiance is good – air cond, price is reasonable and the servers are friendly. The only flip side is the parking space, as one has to be a bit creative in order to get a decent lot, either opposite the road or off Jalan Jelutong – along Lorong Sungai Pinang of Taman Lita.
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Vietnamese Spring Rolls

56-W Jalan Jelutong,
11600 Penang
(precisely a stone throw from the bustling traffic light junction at the intersection of Jalan Jelutong and Jalan Sungai Pinang. Or opposite Peugeout Show Room on Jalan Jelutong adjacent to Hyundai Show Room on Jalan Sungai Pinang)
GPS Coordinates: 5.401679, 100.323538
Business hours: Daily (Starts at 10 am on Mon-Fri, 9 am on Sat & Sun)

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