Austin Japanese Cuisine | Midori Sushi – Fried Sushi and Sashimi

Growing up in Asia, Japanese is a cuisine that I am quite familiar with. Japanese culinary practice healthy cooking without much oil and emphasizing on freshness of the ingredients in addition to heavy utilization of shrimps/fish compares to meats. That perhaps justifies for a pricey Japanese meal. Yet, there is a always a good bargain if one knows where and goes on the right timing.
A platter of Phoenix and Rock & Rolls
Upon hearing good review about the food at Midori Sushi from my Significant Other, I decided to gather a group of friends for lunch there. On weekdays, Midori offers a list of Bento or lunch box for less than $10. Each set is served with a chunk of protein (meat/fish/shrimp), house roll, sushi, side dishes besides a bowl of miso soup and house salad as starters. These bento sets are indeed very attractive if you are into a bit of everything. Alternatively, sushi/sashimi combo is also a value pick that treats you with same starters as the bento set.
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KL Shogun and Saisaki Restaurant | Japanese Buffet Promotion

I learned about the Japanese Buffet promotion from a local daily. The ads stated aloud ‘Promotion Offer 35% discount lunch (Monday to Friday only) and 30% discount for Dinner Monday to Thursday only)‘ at Saisaki and Shogun. Wow! For KL folks, these places are ranked among the most reasonable restaurants to enjoy Japanese dining on top of some western, oriental and fusion cuisine. The promotion offer starts from 1 August 2009 until further notice and not valid on public holiday.
The facade of Shogun at One Utama branch
Born as food hunters, we hurried to Shogun at One Utama last Monday while promotion last. I thought we were early to arrive at 11:45am but to our surprise, some folks had been waiting outside Shogun Restaurant for lunch which would start at 12pm. In fact as soon as it opened, almost all the corners were fully occupied. We did not have to luxurious to pick our seat instead being ushered to a tiny table of two pax only.
Fresh oyster and Edamame made me drooling!
If you love Sashimi and Sushi, Shogun is the like a heaven for you. They have a huge counter serving an assortment of Shasimi/Sushi ranging from oyster, jelly fish, octopus, cod fish, salmon to Abalone Sushi. Besides, there are plenty of soups to pick from including Miso, Shark fin, Chinese Herbal, Tomyam and Nyonya-style sour soup.
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