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There is a proverb goes ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do‘. And now I am Austin, I went to dine at where Austinites go! Back in my home country, there are countless of themes restaurants ranging from simple English classic to an extreme of serving your meals on a bath tub while you are sitting on a toilet bowl.
Colorful neons are inviting!
They know what you want..
Yet there is none of theme restaurants like Bone Daddy’s, Hooters or Twin Peaks. These are chain restaurants and started to get popular in some of the states in US. Perhaps some of you may claim they are ‘using’ the hot chicks to attract diners but this won’t last if the food isn’t good. Basic rule of thumb for any restaurant to stay on is food and service. As long as both work well, then there is no worry for the rest!
A few types of seating arrangement
Although I was not pre-alerted of this ‘theme’ restaurant, I was pretty comfortable entering Bone Daddy’s partly owing to the crowd I was in. In total, there were almost 15 of us. To be more accurate, perhaps 14 and a half (we had a young master of 2 yo). We headed upstairs for a lovely spot in the center. And guess what? I got a seat next to the edge where I could get a fabulous sight of what’s happening downstairs.
Big screen TVs to catch up with your favorite sports
Bone Daddy’s serves traditional American meals plus some barbecue stuff. Apparently, it is famous for its ribs. They offer various seating comprised indoor of two levels and some cozy tables outdoor at the patio.
Private corner - a table for two
Wooden stairs leading to first floor
After seated, the waitress walked round our table to note our drinks, engaging us one by one. A few minutes later, she came back for what we would love to eat. I opted for a half Rack ‘O’ BabyBacks. This was a slow smoke babyback ribs mopped with sweet honeysuckle sauce, served with cinnamon apples and skillet beans. You may opt to change for other side dishes on the menu without any additional charges.
Babyback ribs - I'm lovin' it!
One of us went for Beer Can Chicken. It was a whole bird of marinated chicken served with roadhouse spuds skillet head beans and a cheeseroll. What amazed me was the presentation. As you can see in below picture, the chicken was stumbled with a knife on its back and stuffed with an empty crumpled beer can on the other end!
Beer Can Chicken
Another angle from...
Smoked 'bone-in' chicken
Burger with fries and skillet beans
They are generous in size but I cleaned up every single ribs served on my plate. It was delicious and I prefer this than what I had tried before back in my hometown.  The meat was tender and juicy which went well with the sauce. Simply perfect!
Texans' Bud?
Overall, I like this place. The atmosphere is rather laid back. The service is superb! Our drinks was replaced with full glass as soon as it was half empty even though we didn’t request for it. The waitress who served us that night was truly sensitive to our needs, witty and pleasant as well. And, I would recommend this place for matured adults only like what it says ‘Be Nice or Leave‘.
Can you see 'Be Nice or Leave'?
I'd love to go back again!
Dining there?
Austin Branch
11617 Research Blvd.         
Austin, Texas 78759    
Phone: (512)-346-3025
Website: http://www.bonedaddys.com/index.aspx
Direction is well detailed in Bone Daddy’s website.

Acknowledgment: Thanks to EC for lending us his camera. Can you believe it, I brought my camera without a
memory card!


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