Texas Big Bend National Park | Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive – Sam Nail Ranch

The sun peeked through our window to greet us as I stretched myself to wake up. I swiftly grabbed my jacket and rushed out to catch the sight of sunrise from Chisos Mountains.
First rays on Chisos Mountains - from El Dorado Motel 28 Nov 2009
The first rays of rising sun was indeed beautiful and I started singing in heart…

“What a beautiful morning! What a beautiful day!
I’ve got a beautiful feeling, Everything’s going my way”
~ James Taylor

After gearing up for our day, we made a brief stop at Kathy Kosmic KowGirl Kafe at Study Butte to source for hot coffee. Our second day adventure to Big Bend National Park continued with our exploration along Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive.
Sam Nail was one of early ranchers at Big Bend NPS
. Non-native trees
Sight of Burro Mesa from Sam Nail ranch
Our pioneer stop in Big Bend was Sam Nail Ranch. It is one of the sites of an early Big Bend ranching established in 1916. Located above Cottonwood Creek of Burro Mesa base, there used to be a ruined of an adobe style ranch house. Today, the five-minutes walk took us to see two ruined windmills and some non native trees likes like fig, willow, walnut and pecan. The Nail family planted them to transform the view of desert land but after they left, nature begins to reclaim this little oasis.
A ruined windmill
Left behind
This trail does not seem popular since bushes were growing wild on the uncleared pathway. The only sound I heard were the wood cracking (when I accidentally stepped on) besides the songs of bird chirping and the rustlings in the grass.
Nature takes over
Another alien tree
Second windmill at Sam Nail ranch
There was also a well dug by Nail family which still pumps, keeping the trees and shrubs alive despite the Nails had left Big Bend. Life continues to thrive at the oasis!

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