Texas Big Bend National Park | Sightseeing from Rio Grande to Chisos Basin

Upon returning from Boquillas Canyon Trail, we decided to explore Rio Grande Village Nature Trail and Beaver Pond. From my reading, the trailhead is located adjacent to campsite #18 campground. We found the place unfortunately, the trail was closed due to flood washout.
Visitor Center at Rio Grande Village
Rio Grande campground
Flat plain near Rio Grande - perfect for biking
Old Ore Road ahead
Without much ado, we proceeded to the next destination on our list – Ernst Tinaja. Tinaja means ‘water hole’ in Spanish and this pool is a canyon of highly-convoluted rock layers. Rarely if ever goes dry so it is the water source to the local wildlife but also a deathtrap when animals accidentally slip down its slick sides.
Road to Ernst Tinaja
I went on foot to inspect the 'primitive' Old Ore Road
. The Old Ore Road which begins shortly after Rio Grande Tunnel is a primitive path that would lead to Ernst Tinaja. We did not put in much hope since we came without high clearance vehicles or ATVs. Just wish to inspect how the condition of the so-called ‘primitive’ road looks exactly. Mmm…it would be too bumpy for a sedan but may work pretty well for mountain bikes. Guess all we could do is looking at the postcard we bought (below) and imagine as if we were there!Laughing
Ernst Tinaja - a postcard picture!
Shadows of the clouds
Wild and free
Still in Big Bend
Paddle cactus or Prickly pear (middle)
Colors of the desert land
For the benefit of Big Bend National Park potential visitor, the road to Chisos Basin is mostly winding with several sharp curves and steep gradient. Hence, it is not recommended for trailers longer than 20 feet and RVs over 24 feet.
Getting there...
Welcome to 'Bear and Mountain Lion Country'
Road into the basin
Stop at 'Exhibit Ahead'
Elevated though in a basin
Sotol plants grow in abundance
Road to nowhere?
Abrupt mountains
Strange rocks near Lost Mine Trailhead
The distance from Rio Grande Village to the Visitor Center at Chisos Basin is 30 miles but the sights offered is inspiring!

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