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For a typical Chinese, no matter which city they are visiting, it is always comforting to take a peek at Chinatown. Partly, Chinatown serves as a resourceful venue to stock up their daily food supplies that may not easily found in a typical grocery stores in United States. In addition to the shopping chores, I guess it is always interesting to feast on sumptuous meals at Chinese restaurants there! A taste of so-called ‘home-country’ cuisine!
Welcome to Hong Kong City Mall
Statues of a Vietnamese & an American - War Memorial Monument opposite Hong Kong City Mall
Comrades and Freedom
The unsung heroes
The Asian forefathers seeking for a better life
. We did not differ. On our first trip to Houston, we headed to Houston Chinatown on our second day of visit.
Miles of Asian groceries/restaurants along Bellaire Blvd
Located south-west of Houston Downtown, the ‘New’ Chinatown is located along Bellaire Blvd between Boone and Fondren. A sign that you are in Chinatown is the street sign that appears in both English and Chinese. Amazed though I was struggling to read it! Along this road, there are numerous Asian groceries, restaurants and some business center. The buildings and architecture here look sophisticated and obviously architectures of 1990s.
Lotus pond indicating Chinese's horticulture
A bit of rewind before 1990, the Houston ‘Old’ Chinatown was established at the eastern edge of the downtown area, precisely along Chartres Street. It consisted of a small commercial area housing Asian/Chinese groceries, shops, restaurants and organizing cultural events. Due to the growth of Asian community and constraint in term of expansion in the heart of city, this resulted the merchants to seek a new inexpensive land along Bellaire Blvd where ‘new’ Chinatown is situated today.
Living in harmony...
Our aim was to dine at Ocean Palace and had a good dimsum. Therefore, we stopped at Hong Kong City Mall parking bay.
Fresh and raw ingredients...
After lunch, we made a visit in Hong Kong City Mall. Apparently, it is the biggest Asian indoor mall in the southeastern United States as it is the home to Hong Kong Food Market, dozens of restaurants/cafes, several shops and offices. By the way, walking along aisles simply reminded me of strolling in any Indochina malls as the products displayed and labels are mainly in Vietnamese although it is called Hong Kong City Mall! Smile
Milo of 1.5kg (3.3lbs) costs USD12.99
Finally, we went into Hong Kong Food Market. I think I was thrilled over the stuff available here. From the hot pot to persimmon, Milo, chili sauces, black mushrooms, pretty pieces of lotus root and enormous choices of green vegetables and raw spices. Comparatively to Austin Chinatown grocery store, this is like heaven. I guess it was a blessing in disguise that our journey of 3 hours back to Austin stopped me from getting the perishable supplies. Otherwise, our boot would be loaded with a month’s groceries!
Proud to be Malaysian, they are products of Malaysia!
Check out..what we bought from Hong Kong Food Market
Glad to be there and looking forward to stop by again if we happen to make a trip to Houston!

Getting there?
Hong Kong Market
11021 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77072
Business hours: Open 7 days a week

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