Texas Hunt-Ingram | Stonehenge II and Easter Island Heads (Moai) Replica

Stonehenge II and Easter Island Heads (Moai) Replica erected on a private land of Al Shepperd family made road users stare and ponder whether they are in England or Easter Island.
If you are on FM 1340, do not miss the chance to be in 'England'
We found out about Stonehenge II from 2009 Texas State Travel Guide under places of attraction in Ingram, Hill Country. To be more precise, Stonehenge II is located 2 miles west of Hunt on FM 1340. And, Al Shepperd family who is the owner of the land welcomes you to visit during the day.
Stonehenge II on Al Shepperd's land
Our trip to Lost Maples State Natural Area in Vanderpool happened to get us nearer to Ingram-Hunt. Without hesitating, we drove to Hunt on our way back to Austin. Sun was behind the hill, going to set when we arrived at Stonehenge II and there was no designated parking area. I just jumped out to capture a few shots before it was too late.
. Visit as long as you can see..
Stonehenge II is a replica of the famous prehistoric monument that sits on Salisbury Plain in England. There are
a few versions describing the size of Stonehenge II compares to the original monument. A couple quote it is
about 8 feet tall which is 60 percent of the original Stonehenge and occupying as large as 90 percent in circumference. While one claims it is only half as tall as the original Stonehenge. Made from a brilliant combination of steel, metal mesh, limestone, plaster and concrete, Stonehenge II was initially painted and over time, weather has washed it to look similar like the original piece in England. Until you knock, it is actually hollow.

As stated on the sign, Stonehenge II was conceived by Al Shepperd and Doug Hill. The construction was made by Doug Hill who was a builder and he took nine months to complete it in 1990.
Am I on Easter Island?
On the same ground not too far from Stonehenge II, there are a pair of Easter Island-type statues. The 13-foot-tall heads of Polynesian primitives were added a year and a half later after Al Shepperd visited Easter Island.
Moai (Easter Island statue) on grassy land
Guess this was a trip of two-in-one, from ‘England’ to see ‘Stonehenge’ and subsequently landing on southeastern
Pacific Ocean island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island, Chile) to stand beside the ‘monolithic statue’ of Moai.

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