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A traditional crafts village at Brazos de Dios of homesteading community, Homestead Heritage is one of the top attractions at Waco, Texas. The log cabin Visitor’s Center stands just right after the front gate at Brazos de Dios is ready to serve you if you need any information to get around the 500-acre farmland.
Welcome to Brazos de Dios
Brazos de Dios is the home for many farmers, craftsmen and their families. Their daily routine of farming and homestead endeavors is inherited from years of cultivation and effort, acquiring and establishing skills of self-sufficiency to support a simpler way of life.
Located 0.5 mile from FM 933 (Gholson Rd) north of Waco Downtown
Operated by a Christian community, the aim of Homestead Heritage Farm is to demonstrate the possibility of deriving a family’s food needs from a small farm. At the same time, it serves as a teaching and research facility for homesteading subject and related essential skills. This place is a working homestead that consists of animal pens and corrals, pastures, a huge area for horse farming, a vineyard, berry patch, an orchard and almost everything you can see in a farm.


Log cabin built in Missouri 1841
Homestead Heritage houses a log cabin which is operated as Visitor’s Center cum Deli & Bakery, originally built in the 1840’s at Missouri and an English barn. The original barn was built in 1760, New Jersey. If you love pottery, do check out The Potter’s House (next to The Barn) and enjoy watching the potters shaped these clay vessels. Each piece is unique. It takes between 3 weeks to 2 months to complete the end-to-end process before it turns into an attractive product.
Historic, two-centuries-old barn
The Potter's House
For folks who love woodworking, Homestead Heritage Furniture provides an opportunity to watch the experienced
craftsmen and their apprentices to demonstrate carpentry skill.

On the same ground, there is a gristmill where one can purchase freshly ground wheat, corn and mixes to produce breads and pastries. Don’t forget to catch a glimpse of a water-wheel that drives the mill outside this building.
1750's timber-framed 'John Mott Mill'
Recycle pond as supply to run water-wheel
Water wheel to drive the mill
Next, we strolled at Herb Garden – an area that features green patches to cultivate some cooking spices like cayenne and mint leaves as well as flowers and companion plants.
Herb Garden and its gazebo
Flowers, spices and companion plants
Homestead Cabin provides training course
Barn yard and pigeon holes
Green House provides a warm and protected area to start plants early in the season
The farm goat is posing for me..
Running free with their family
For me, I did not manage to finish every corner at Homestead Heritage due to time constraint. If you plan to visit this place, I’d suggest you to spare 4-6 hours to really explore the farm.
Rainwater Catchment System - red barn's roof collect rain water, drain via gutter into cistern (right to it), then water flow to a smaller cistern beneath Aermotor windmill which later pumps the water into the tower water tank (left to the barn).
The water catchment system provides a more consistent water supply to farm, garden and livestock during dry periods since it is too costly to obtain ground water neither there is any creek nor pond nearby.
A happy family..
Natural organic food in abundance
I wish to revisit on the coming Thanksgiving weekend as it will coincide with ‘Homestead Craft & Children’s Fair’. The annual fair is hosted on Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm while Sunday is from 12 pm to 5 pm. As a tradition which has been carried out since 21 years ago, Thanksgiving weekend is the only period of the year that camping is allowed on the ground of Homestead Heritage. A long list of activities have been lined up to provide exposure in sewing, spinning, weaving, blacksmithing, candle making, guitar making, boat building, horse farming, sorghum making, milking and many more. Grab this opportunity to experience homestead and hope you have a great time with your family!
Bidding good bye..we will be back!
Getting there?
Homestead Heritage Deli
608 Dry Creek Road
Waco, TX 76705
Phone: (254) 754 9604
Website: www.homesteadheritage.com
Open year-round, Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm
Informative links:
1. Walking tour & map to get around.
2. Location and how to contact Homestead Heritage.
3. Homestead Crafts & Children’s Fair – Phone: (254) 754 9681

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