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Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant

Unkaizan Langkawi, this ten year-old establishment is amazing as each dish is authentic and crafted by a Japanese master chef with over a decade of international culinary experience. Aside from the chef himself, they also imported two waitstaff directly flew in from Japan to take care of the diners.

Beautiful Sunset of Pantai Tengah at Unkaizan Langkawi
Picturesque sunset of Pantai Tengah

Unkaizan Langkawi - Winner of Malaysia's Best Restaurant Award
A retro touch in the best of nature

Ground floor seatings
Conventional Indoor Seating

Its interior is a throwback to 1970s oriental charm particularly old pictures, wine cellar and Japanese calligraphy with a touch of nature, portrayed in their wooden cover menu, bamboo poles, natural wood furniture and paper lanterns. There are three types of seating namely the conventional indoor and outdoor with table and chairs as well as tatami style – the traditional Japanese dining, be seated on floor and dishes are served on short tables.
Arts for little ones
Arts for little ones

Spoiling the locals with the most authentic Japanese on the isle, it caters to both national visitors as well as the international circle. Aside from the a-la-carte choices, Unkaizan Langkawi also serves the bento set constituted of the mains from sashimi, sushi, tempura teppanyaki, Gyu-Katsuni, salmon grill and more. Chawamushi or Japanese style steam egg, fresh vegetables/fruits and individually steamed rice come along in the full set. Not to be missed in this restaurant is the impromptu signature dishes described on the whiteboard. Hand written, perhaps not good enough in description. However if you see something that you fancy, find out more by probing their friendly waitstaff. You may be surprised with the English fluency of their Japanese native staff Laughing.
Massive wooden tablets vs. Sophisticated tablets
Retro meets Contemporary! (The ‘tablets’ on wall vs. ones with men)

Japanese wine cellar
Japanese wine cellar

Unkaizan Langkawi: Winner of Malaysia’s Best Restaurant Award Since 2005

Besides unpretentious food, what makes this place a special plus is the view. If you are planning for your first visit at Unkaizan Japanese restaurant in Langkawi, best if you make a reservation. Book for tatami seating on first floor and arrive as early as 6 pm. Why? Depending on your luck, but most days you’re likely to be rewarded with gorgeous sunset of this tropical island. The glass wall gives an unblock view at view the orange sky against natural surrounding in Pantai Tengah is all affectionately yours.

Awe-some presentation of sushi
Awe-some presentation of sushi

Bento set with tempura as main
Bento set with tempura as main

Fabulous Chicken Teriyaki at Unkaizan Langkawi
Fabulous Chicken Teriyaki

Whether you’re thinking of a romantic meal, a gathering with friends or a family dinner, Unkaizan Langkawi is a perfect place.  If you’re taking your family with you, get the young kids preoccupied and have fun with drawing and coloring, this restaurant has all the stationery supplies, ask in case the waitstaff missed that out.  
Japanese Bento sets on tatami/short tables
101% Satisfaction!!

Gyu-Katsuni - the main of a simple set at Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant in Langkawi
Gyu-Katsuni – the main of a simple set

Most folks thought the bill would cost us a bomb. In fact, it was not. The ingredients, flavor, food presentation/arts, service, decor, view and everything deserves a full mark of 10/10! Furthermore, considering most restaurants in Langkawi are over-charged, we had a lucky escape Laughing. Check the breakdown for Unkaizan Langkawi price on each fabulous item we had.

Hot Ocha (refillable) x 4 = RM8
Chicken Teriyaki Full Set X 1 = RM46
Fresh Sushi with Hot Soba X 1 = RM58
Tempura Full Set X 1 = RM53
Gyu-Katsuni Simple Set X 1 = RM48

Operating hours: Dinner from 18:00 to 23:00. Closed on 2nd Wednesday of the month.
Address: Lot 395, Jalan Telok Baru Pantai Tengah  7000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
(Slightly opposite of Lanai Hotel or Holiday Villa Beach Resort)
Phone: +60 4 9554118

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