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Icon of Heart O' Texas
Right after our short walk at Waco Suspension Bridge, we drove to Bosque Blvd and parked at the opposite road of
the Heart O’Texas Complex. We arrived at the gate about half past four and our cash was running low. Little did we know that the fee concept is ‘only-cash’. The kind lady at the ticketing counter told us that there was an ATM machine inside the compound and suggested we paid one ticket first with our last pathetic ten bucks at least to get one of us to enter first. As soon as we got a ticket, my Significant Other rushed to withdraw some cash and returned so that I could enter as well. Phew!
H.O.T. Coliseum Gate 2 - South Entrance
Get a hair cut here?
Kids and their special cart
. Patriotic Fries and Twists..
I would say Heart O’Texas Fair & Rodeo in Waco is a family-oriented event held annually. No matter how young or old we are, everybody has his/her own favorite corners. The bottom line is enjoyable stuff to do is bountiful and everyone in the family could be here together! Nobody would feel left out. An annual event held at Heart O’Texas Complex at Bosque Blvd in Waco (Texas) downtown, the fair also provides an educational opportunity to experience the life at ranches and farms. Barn yard, livestock and hay show were among the exhibits.
Home Town Stage - live music
Fruit Teas - anybody?
Kids were running, smiling and laughing. Petting zoo and pony rides for instance attracted tonnes of little one. Seating at Welde’s Big Bear Show was almost occupied even prior to the show time. Kids, parents, young and old
were entertained and educated as the same time.
One stall with dozens of choice
Place aside the animal shows, there were at least three stages within Heart O’Texas Fair Complex featuring entertainment from home grown artists, local stars and well-choreographed dancing performances which I guess
could be the high school teenagers.
Brisket is more commonly used instead of chest/breast meat
Innovated for fair's dudes..to-go on a stick!
Honey or Me?
See..a bear balancing or pratising pilates?
Mountain lamb?
Texas Longhorn
We are for sale..pick the best butt..
Talk about food, worry is the last word in my mind! There was abundance. Food stalls were everywhere. Name what
you like and there could more than a handful stalls to stop or check out and then grab something you like to-go. Finger food is mostly served outside and if you are looking for cafe to sit down, go into the Coliseum.
Swine flu is contagious..got to take care of ourselves
Go away human..stay one feet away from me..
Last but not least, every fun fair comes with the ride and games. Here, token system was applied and one may purchase at the booths erected along the walkway within the ride and games vicinity. Although some of the
entertainment booths demonstrated some innovation but I guess some old rides/games are hard to die. Surprisingly what I like 20 years ago are still popular today!
Sketch of adults but games for kids?
Everlasting favorite - Cotton Candy!
Can I get one for my stage show here?
Personally, walking along the alleys in the fair was like what happened in my good old days. The surrounding facets and faces seemed so familiar. Déjà vu?
Mommy..see, I could lift my hands on motorbike!
Ferris wheel - a tradition in every fun fair
Getting there?
Heart O’ Texas Fair Complex
4601 Bosque Boulevard
Waco, TX 76710
Website: HOTFair

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