Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room @ Penang QB Mall | Restaurant for Family and Kids

What do you think of Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room if we visited on one weekend and again on the following weekend? Sounds like either it is darn good (to us) or we are out of mind, right? We are sane, so I guess you get the clue.

The facade of Xian Ding Wei at Queensbay (QB) Mall Penang Malaysia
Taiwanese flavors in Penang

Located adjacent to Sake Sushi in Penang Queensbay Mall, Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room is not a new place to us. The first visit was during our home trip back to Asia. Since we had our baby-moon in Taiwan, our good friends suggested a Taiwanese cuisine to complete our Asia tour! At the same time, to bench mark how great was Xian Wei compared to what we had in Taipei. The truth was, I did not have good appetite back then. I mentioned baby-moon earlier, nothing much to expect from an expectant momma who was perpetually nauseating and puking.


Recently, we revisited Xian Ding Wei with our little one. Twice. I hope my palate could do a better job this time!

Family and kids friendly restaurant in Penang
Family and kids friendly

To our favor, the restaurant welcomes kids and treat them with a set of attractive cutlery. Made from melamine, the restaurant serves the little people too, so that they can share the big people’s meals. Even if not, the eating utensils keep the little one occupied for a while. How we wish we could spot the same thing in most restaurants in Penang! High chairs with seat belt is also provided upon request. As a parent, I appreciate their thoughts and commitment to take care of the little ones. This explains why families love this eatery.
Stewed fish fillet at Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room
Stewed fish fillet

Stir fried beef with leeks
Stir fried beef with leeks

Banana chocolate snow ice
Banana chocolate snow ice

Bao bing or snow (shaved) ice at Xian Ding Wei
The finely shaved ice desserts

Well, what does Xian Ding Wei serve? A glance on the menu, it features more or less like the typical Chinese dishes of the non-Halal variety. A huge array of a-la-carte dishes from meats, seafood, vegetables and soups that are great to go alone or with steamed rice/noodles. Choices from set are also featured. Presented on a wooden tray, each is offered with a bowl of soup, three tit-bits (side dishes), a main such as fish/beef/chicken/pork and steamed rice/minced pork rice. If one zooms a bit further, interesting menu includes the Buddha Jump Over The Wall (Taiwanese version), potato buns, beef noodles, tofu, seafood twists with vermicelli/egg/congee, bubble tea and our favorite snow (shaved) ice (bàobing) dessert perhaps bring us even closer to Taiwan and what one may have been longing for!
Chocolate ice blended
Chocolate ice blended

Sweet sour chicken
Sweet sour chicken

Salted crispy chicken
Salted crispy chicken – great if less salty

Sweet sour chicken
Sweet sour chicken

Buddha Jump over the wall - Taiwanese version at Xian Ding Wei
Buddha Jump over the wall – Taiwanese version

Our experience obviously gives Xian Ding Wei a plus above average in term of service. Flavors in general are good (again to us!). Despite the food is not served almost immediate, the waitstaff are humble and polite, putting on smiles when they approached us. They left us with good feeling, in a way welcomes us to return when we wish to. Keep up!
Crowd goers at Xian Ding Wei
Taiwanese food fans

Getting there?
Level 3 (next to Sakae Sushi)
Queensbay Mall, Penang

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